Dear Friends of Animals

Dear Friends of Animals

Dear Friend of Animals,

You and I both want the same thing—to live in a world where animals are not exploited or abused. Whether we’re talking about our cherished cats and dogs or the wild animals who live alongside us, we share a passion for animals.

Friends of Animals has worked to fulfill its mission to end animal exploitation for almost 59 years.

But there’s still work for us to do—together.

Friends of Animals began as a comprehensive spay and neuter program, and to this day we run the largest low-cost spay and neuter program in the United States. We’ve helped to reduce the number of animals killed in shelters by millions, annually—in addition to providing sterilizations for more than 2.7 million cats and dogs. Moreover, your support has allowed us to provide free spay and neuter surgeries in communities with over-whelming numbers of homeless and abandoned cats and dogs. Just this past year, we provided certificates at no cost to communities in Los Angeles, Arizona and New York City. We also produced a Shorty award-winning spay and neuter public service announcement highlighting the necessity of spay and neuter, starring “Breaking Bad’s” Danny Trejo, which has reached more than 100,000 people through being shared on Facebook, YouTube and other social media.

While dogs and cats have been a focus of our advocacy since the very beginning, Friends of Animals has grown to champion a respect for all animals—both wild and domestic, native and across the globe.

We advocate peaceful coexistence alongside the diverse animals with which we all share this planet—from fighting for legal protections for animals through our innovative Wildlife Law Program and our decades of work to protect America’s beloved wild horses in the West and carriage horses in New York City, to sponsoring a chimpanzee reserve in Gambia and managing Primarily Primates, one of our nation’s premiere primate sanctuaries in San Antonio, Texas. Our advocacy is diverse, thoughtful and, best of all, effective. Friends of Animals is focused and expansive in our mission to protect animals.

I am writing to you in hopes that you will support us. I share your love of cats and dogs (I have two rescued cats, Kiki and Dasher, and two rescued dogs, Harry and Sampson, myself!), and during my 42 years of working at Friends of Animals, I have become passionate about countless species of animals: owls, squirrels, the majestic grey wolves, Canada geese, mute swans, deer, black bears, seals and so many more. I am sure that many of you can relate: There is almost no greater joy than seeing a bird nesting in the backyard; or looking out the living room window and seeing deer or the occasional black bear. Animals are all around us, and living among them is an extraordinary gift—and we must not be complacent or take them for granted. At Friends of Animals, we work to preserve and protect.

Friends of Animals is a diverse and passionate community of animal lovers.

Your generous gift will help ensure that we continue to be a potent voice for those who don’t have one. Please consider becoming a member with us today.

To learn more about our various programs, please visit our website at: and be sure to “like” our Facebook page—where you’ll find daily updates of current campaigns.

Let’s work together for all animals. Can we count on you to support our live-saving work?

Priscilla Feral