On Saturday afternoon during the busy holiday shopping season, Friends of Animals and 30 of its supporters marched from the organization’s new striking flip-off fur billboard in Times Square (corner of 8th and 42nd), featuring a fox and the middle finger gesture, to designer Jason Wu’s studio on 35th street, where they chanted “Screw Wu” and plastered his entrance with flip-off fur stickers and anti-fur posters. flipoffsmall

Wu was the target of the anti-fur protest because in recent months the 32-year-old designer has not shied away from talking about his use of fur and glamorizing the fur industry. In the NY Times article “Fur is back in fashion in debate” Wu said fur is not a political statement—it’s just another material, like wool or silk, that is canvas for his imagination.

Friends of Animals wholeheartedly disagrees and have no respect for him since he has no respect for the lives of animals. He uses an excess amount of fox fur in particular, and it takes 40 fox skins to make a fur coat.

“Jason Wu uses copious amounts of fur in his collections and we took our outrage to his doorstep to let him know that designers who mislead the public into thinking wearing fur is once again cool or acceptable instead of horrific or cruel will pay the price by being publicly named and shamed,” said Edita Birnkrant, campaigns director for Friends of Animals.

More people buy fur in New York than anywhere else in the United States, so Friends of Animals brought its “Flip off fur” campaign to the core of this cruel, shallow, bloody industry.

FoA also shamed a fur outlet Prato along the way to Wu’s studio and interrupted its bloody business, marching into the store chanting, “Stop the torture, stop the pain, fur wearers are to blame” and passing out informative anti-fur brochures to surprised shoppers.

Despite fur being a fashion a fashion faux pas in the 80s and 90s, the global fur industry is now being valued at more than 40 billion, roughly the same as the global Wi-fi industry, because the industry got busy renovating its image, and designers and consumers have fallen into its trap.

But no matter how many feel good labels it sticks on its fur coats, the fur industry still farms, traps, kills and processes millions of animals who could have lived full free lives.

So join Friends of Animals in flipping off fur! Tag your anti-fur photos with #FlipOffFur and have them shared by our fox on Twitter and Instagram @FlipOffFur.