Friends of Animals New Jersey Rally Against Bear Hunt

Friends of Animals New Jersey Rally Against Bear Hunt

When: Thursday Dec. 3 from 1-2 p.m. (Posters/props will be provided.)

Where: Steps of New Jersey State House, 125 West State St., Trenton, N.J.


Because New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie lies, black bears continue to die… and Friends of Animals is calling him out on it Dec. 3. Since 2010, there’s been a massacre of 1,871 black bears in NJ, and another heinous bear hunt is scheduled for Dec. 7-12.   The governor has vilified black bears and lied about them since he was elected in 2009 to cash in on campaign promises to pro-hunting groups, like the New Jersey Outdoors Alliance, who rallied for his election. And the blood money keeps rolling in.

According to NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife, 7,993 bear hunt permits were sold in 2014 at $2 each. Combine that with the revenue from the firearm licenses needed to participate in the bear hunt—which range from $15-$135 for seniors, residents and non-residents—and you see the thousands, potentially millions of dollars, that flow into the state from the bear slaughter.

It’s no wonder Christie and his cronies want to lie to the public, demonize bears and utterly fail to educate residents about bear-proof garbage cans and simple strategies to co-exist with bears in bear country. His lies costs bears their lives. Friends of Animals was horrified to learn that of the 404 bears gunned down in 2014, 65 were cubs; 83 were yearlings.   Hunters represent less than one percent of NJ residents. It’s about time the non-hunting majority is heard. Please join us on Dec. 3.

To RSVP for the protest , call Edita Birnkrant at 212-247-8120 or send an email to her at