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Vote for the planet and all its inhabitants during elections
By Priscilla Feral

We are living at a crucial time in human history, FoA President Priscilla Feral notes in her latest In My View column. The decisions we make right now regarding our treatment of the planet and all its human and non-human inhabitants will affect future generations, for better or worse. We must resist the urge to be complacent on climate issues.










Nonhuman animals can do the math too

Nonhuman animals’ counting capabilities allow them to navigate, protect themselves, forage, and find mates. The Wildlife Law Program examines the issue here.









On the Trail: Keeping refuges safe for wildlife
By Fran Silverman

While the Department of Interioris actively gloating about efforts to fling open a record setting amount of refuge & lands to an ever dwindling number of hunters one must wonder, what would true conservationist Rachel Carson, once a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service staffer, think, FoA Communications Director Fran Silverman explores in her newest blog.








Be less trashy

By Dustin Rhodes

Did you know that less than 10 percent of the plastic you put in your recycling bin gets recycled, with the rest ending up in landfills and the ocean, endangering countless wildlife and marine mammals? But there are easy ways to be a less throw-away consumer. Here’s 20 tips from FoA Vice President of Development Dustin Rhodes.










Captivity is not conservation

By Nicole Rivard

Keeping wildlife in captivity for entertainment under the guise of research and/or education instead of allowing them to flourish in the wild forces them to live dismal, monotonous lives. So why are aquariums like Mystic still doing it, asks FoA Editor Nicole Rivard in her On the Frontlines blog









Tuning into the natural world
By Meg McIntire

When it comes to nature and wildlife, there’s a wide variety of fascinating and informative podcasts to tune into that range from everything you want to know about dog behavior to birding. Here’s a rundown.