LETTER 1 – Moving Article About Wolves

I love your Action Line newsletter.  Very intelligent articles, especially the two articles on wolves and bears in the Spring 2013 issue.  In my book, intelligence involves more than the head.  Jay Mallonee's article on the mismanagement of wolves spoke movingly, in all the data, about the trauma to wolves and their social structure, as well as the misguided policies that have been put into place.

Keep up the good work. In time, compassion will prevail.  Thank-you for all you do.



LETTER 2 – Benefits of Veganic Farming

I'm appreciated the article about the importance of organic farming in the Fall issue of Action Line.  Happily, the author also urged action on the climate change crisis.  I buy organic, in part because of the benefits to wild animals when farmers avoid using very dangerous pesticides.  As a vegan, my one problem with organic farming is that it typically uses products from the slaughterhouse – blood and bone meal.  I urge you to do an article about veganic farming and gardening, in which no animal inputs are used.  I know of at least one commercial veganic farm in New York, where I live, and Animal Place in California also does veganic farming.  These are just two which come to mind. Also, goveganic.net promotes veganic farming and gardening throughout North America.

Linda A. DeStefano

Via e-mail


LETTER 3 – Shania Twain:  Get a Grip

Several months ago, I started a petition on the care2.com website urging singer Shania Twain to stop exploiting live horses in her evening shows at Caesars Palace in Nevada.

I’m extremely grateful that the Summer issue of Action Line featured useful contact information in its Cheers & Jeers section.  I truly hope that Ms. Twain comes to her senses very soon and removes the horses from her act.  In fact, a petition signer reportedly witnessed one of these animals suffer a serious injury on stage recently.  This is a totally unacceptable scenario that could have been avoided.  I’ve written several letters and posted a few comments to Facebook, yet I’m still puzzled as to why she seems unable to entertain without using live animals to pad the act.  In my view, there is clearly a huge disregard for these gentle creatures by Ms. Twain and her show’s production staff in their desire to generate profits.

Once again, thank you so much for your efforts in this matter.  I enormously appreciate the terrific work you do to help the animals.

David Kaliner

Las Vegas, NV


LETTER 4 – A Pleasure to Read Cover-to-Cover

The Fall issue of Action Line is a joy.  An enlightening and entertaining read.

Loved Nick Jans’ story about his rescue dog, Loki, and its joyous, wonderful adjustments after such a rough start in life.  Having been owned by several rescues myself, though none like Loki, I can nevertheless relate to the issues such dogs have faced in their past yet manage to overcome.

The interview with Marine Rescuer Mike Remski is outstanding.  I had no idea that baby seals need to be tube-fed. I related to that, somewhat because as a wildlife rehabilitator, I fed innumerable baby opossums through a feeding tube.  It’s tricky, but holding an animal weighing a few ounces firmly in my hand is nothing compared to 75 lbs. of a resistant seal.  Kudos to those willing to undertake these procedures.

Also very enlightening was Why Organic is the Way to Go.  I really didn’t know as much as I imagined.




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