Just writing in to say I am hoping the special section about the plight of America’s wild horses and burros in your Fall 2017 magazine will illuminate to a greater number of people the atrocities the BLM has perpetrated against America’s heritage. Quite literally, this country was built on the backs of these animals and if this is the “thanks” they get… I have been following the crimes against America’s equines for so many years now. For at least 20 years roundups have continued to decimate populations and tear equine families apart and it seems it is all at the behest of ranchers who use public lands for private monetary gain!

The sheer number of horses taken from their rightful home and slaughtered for human consumption over the years is mind-boggling. The only animals destroying the grasslands are the (millions of) bovines and the ranchers! Why can’t our public lands be shared (if the ranchers won’t go) by all animals? I think the thing that angers me most is that there is a 1971 FEDERAL LAW supposedly in place to protect the equines.

Why does it seem the law is not for ranchers and lobbyists with fat pockets? I don’t know that enough of us know what is really going on. It is never a big news story…and it should be! Front page, not something way in the back. I also hope the article about wolves will be read and shared widely. The article brings home an excellent point, that is without a top predator, ecosystems suffer. Time and again science has shown all of us what detriment occurs when top predators are gone. Frankly, there are probably more cows killed by lightning than by roving wolves.

There are ways to prevent/reduce conflict, but the only solution ranchers come up with is murder. Frankly, the utter disregard and disdain people have for the wolves’ families (like equine families) is horrifying to me. And, if wolf reintroduction that began in 1995 was such a success, why is it that hunters are allowed to kill wolves (radiocollared ones, as well) when they too are supposedly protected by Federal law? T

here is no wild left in this country and people will be hurting more for the lack of nature in their lives. Just saying…as always, enjoyed the magazine’s contents and will be sharing soon. ILENE LURIE • VIA EMAIL



I know the Special Report: U.S. Horses in Crisis in fall Action Line has made a difference for a lot of our equine friends at a time when they need us so desperately. It must have been overwhelming to have the assignment to write such a complete story of the operation of the slaughter pipeline and what poor beings are destined for it through no fault of their own but that of the greed of those you identified who support it.

Kudos to you! It is not often that I read an article for which I have been interviewed and find that I am accurately quoted throughout. Myself, all at Saving Baby Equine Charity especially the equines who benefit from our financial grants are very grateful for your “Take Action” reminder to purchase my book, Saving Baby.

I drove with a friend from Michigan to Saratoga to attend the Aug. 26 protest at the racetrack at Saratoga and what a great feeling that was to spend the day with kindred spirits. I understand from the organizer, Horseracing Wrongs, that 4 or 5 years ago they had 4 people yet the day I happened to be there, we had 104!!!! You could hear attendees saying “Look they are everywhere.” My heartfelt gratitude and whinnies for your superb writing! JO ANNE NORMILE, AUTHOR • VIA EMAIL



The author of the letter “Bible’s Treatment of Animals is Complicated” from Fall Action Line has misunderstood a Biblical quote offered by another letter writer. The quote: “You shall eat the fruit of the vine and it shall be as meat to you, and so it shall be with all other living creatures.” A logical reading would indicate either of two possibilities: 1)The fruit of the vine shall be meat to man and all other living creatures, making all living creatures vegetarian. 2) Not only the fruit of the vine, but all other living creatures shall be as meat to man.”

In any case, the latter interpretation is what has been in force since the age of hunter-gathering. Let’s not kid ourselves. Clearly Christians around the world believe that God wants them to eat animals. If someone can show me where (and when) God says we should be kind to all animals who are waiting to be slaughtered, I would like to see it. It is in our mostly Christian nation that billions of animals in factory farms suffer intense cruelty from birth to death.




I thought the articles on the horses and the wolves were very good. Thanks for stating the facts. Bringing these issues to the courts is the only way to make progress. I continually find it unbelievable that the BLM is so wed to the ranchers and elk hunters and so against the horses and the wolves. Keep fighting for them.