LETTER 1 – A Word From the Wise

I saw the Cheers & Jeers column (Winter 2007-2008), of President George Bush attempting to increase hunting.

I think Friends of Animals should alert the media if you didn’t already. People should know what their leader is doing. I don’t think you want to take advice from a 9-year-old but try it.

I’m going to try and write the president.

Monika A. Taskou
St. Petersburg, FL

LETTER 2 – Post Card From Red Lodge

Thank you for the galvanizing and deeply inspiring conversation.

Your tireless work is recognized and of great value – I am at your service.

Please call me to contribute time and energy to the wolf project.

Remember, you and your associates are welcome in the Red Lodge anytime.

Catherine de Lorimier
Red Lodge, MT


Mr. Winograd (Winter 2007-2008, ActionLine) is a dreamer when he believes all shelters can become “no-kill.” The reality is that no-kill shelters in our area are filled to the rafters and are turning pet owners away.

What does Mr. Winograd think happens to the pets that are not accepted? The majority are dumped on the streets to live a life of fear and starvation, and often a slow and agonizing death. I would say euthanasia is a better alternative.

Neutering is the one and only answer to overpopulation. There are cut-rate spay and neuter organizations, but they too are charging higher and higher fees because there are fewer and fewer veterinarians willing to incorporate these animals into a busy practice schedule.

Unfortunately, many shelters with limited space and funds must make decisions about old and sick animals. Do they spend much money on these poor ones or do they use the funds on young, adoptable animals?

There are no easy solutions and sadly our great animal-loving society that pampers its pets is also a throw-away society when the novelty wears off.

Eleanor Brembs
Eastchester, NY


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