Launching Vegan Means

Launching Vegan Means

Launching Vegan Means

How much protein do you need each day and where can a vegan find it? Is fish oil really the best source of Omega 3? (And what’s Omega 3?) What are the greatest factors in making our weather unstable and changing the climate of our Earth? The answers to these questions and many others await you at Friends of Animals’ newest website, Vegan Means.

The Internet provides an overwhelming amount of information on most any topic, vegan living included. V egan Means has distilled some of the information, and offered carefully considered new commentary, to provide an attractive and easily digestible platter of knowledge relevant to those who decide to opt out of animal-based businesses.

By avoiding much of the celebrity fluff and media puff found on some websites, Vegan Means presents a broad scope of up-to-date, high-quality information in a succinct format. With this comprehensive base of vegan knowledge, the reader is given guidance to pursue topics in greater depth if desired.

The content is carefully reviewed and selected to appeal to a range of readers: the curious, the beginner and the long-time vegan. Easy to navigate, the website explores two main paths of information: the whys and the hows of the matter. Under the whys, the reader will find material about the exploitation of animals, particularly for food, clothing, and entertainment. The reader will also learn of the devastating impacts of animal agribusiness on our environment, and how we as individuals can address those impacts. Read a discussion of vegan history and philosophy, and the links with non-violence and social justice, to see that the way we eat has effects extending well beyond our own plates.

In the how section, readers find carefully researched nutritional information that illuminates health facts critical to human well-being. Newer vegans will find the ‘Becoming Vegan’ section a useful guide to navigating the social situations which arise for vegans, such as how to help friends and family understand what the vegan commitment is all about.

Also included are recipes delicious enough to win over the toughest critic, and culinary tips such as substitutions for eggs and butter, and information on common food sensitivities. And if you find your questions still aren't answered, you can “ask-a-vegan” by sending in your questions to a seasoned vegan here at Friends of Animals — who will provide thoughtful and informative answers.

Whether as a quick reference or an in-depth read, Vegan Means will enlighten the reader in a wide range of areas. In addition to the changes one can make at a personal level, the website also addresses approaches to activism and the sharing of information. In both respects, it thoroughly covers the basics and then explores the deeper, more complex issues involving our ability to live on this planet with a minimal impact on those with whom we share it.

As an organization devoted to ending the exploitation of animals, we at Friends of Animals believe it’s essential to cultivate in our personal lives what we would like to see in the world around us. To us, “vegan” means a commitment to live as harmoniously with the planet and all its inhabitants as possible, and thus help bring this vision of the world into being. We invite you to be a part of it. Welcome to


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