Cheers to actor Emily Deschanel for speaking up for veganism.  Recently on a Yahoo! TV interview, she said, “I do think [veganism is] the most humane and environmentally sound way to live.”  As for going vegan, she said it’s “perfectly healthy and doable.”  That’s the spirit!

 West Hollywood gets a Cheer for the distinction of banning fur!  The ban was approved two years ago, and went into action on September 21! It bans the sale of any fur, with fines and fees of $250 for infractions.  Cheers, West Hollywood, and congratulations on becoming America‘s first Fur-Free City!



 Friends of Animals is disappointed to send a Jeer to singer-songwriter Fiona Apple, a vegan and activist, for endorsing Chipotle’s new ‘happy meat’ animation advertisement.  Chipotle was previously heavily funded by McDonald’s, and continues to contribute significantly to animal exploitation with their restaurants.  Fiona should know better.


Fur-wearer, and singer Rihanna gets another Jeer for posing in a photo with a captive slow loris, an endangered and protected primate.  After the image went viral, arrests were made of the two people who had the loris.




Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Luke Scott speared a hog, and has the head on display in his team locker room.  Not only that, but he ‘decorated’ it with sunglasses and a ‘trucker hat’ that says ‘Jesus Is My Boss.’  It’s bad enough that he’s torturing animals, but his denigration of a corpse is over the top.

“Scott has since left the Rays to play in Korea.  Hopefully Scott’s departure will assure there is not more torturing of animals in the Tampa Bay locker room. A member of the team communications staff told us that management held a meeting with players after Scott’s antics and discussed how inappropriate they were.”   




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