Cheers & Jeers

Cheers & Jeers

Cheers & Jeers


…to FoA supporter Tom Scholz and the rock band BOSTON, for delivering a strong animal rights message in their new release, “Corporate America.” The liner notes read, “Help us protect life on earth. Conserve fuel, avoid material waste, learn about vegetarian living, avoid animal products, shoot with cameras, not guns, vote for environmental candidates, report child and animal abuse, don’t buy fur.”

Contact: – for buying the CD and information on BOSTON’s summer tour.

…to Out Magazine, for the article “Rescue Me,” which appeared in the April 2003 edition of the national publication oriented to the gay and lesbian community. The article profiled gay and lesbian animal rescue workers and wildlife rehabilitators such as Wally Swett, founder and director of Primarily Primates in San Antonio. Readers were educated about a number of animal rights issues such as the foals used by the Premarin industry and the need to spay and neuter dogs and cats.

…to the Portland Press Herald, for their uncompromising Feb. 24, 2003, editorial calling for an end to the use of elephants in traveling shows. The editors came out firmly in favor of a ban, stating, “We support a bill now before state lawmakers that would ban the use of elephants in traveling exhibitions in Maine. An Act to Prevent Cruelty to Elephants would prohibit elephants from performing tricks, fighting or participating in a performance to amuse or entertain an audience.”

…to the Boulder, Colorado-based White Wave, makers of Silk Soymilk and other soy-based vegan products, for making a commitment to replace electrical power used in all of the company’s operation with wind energy. The switch sets an example for other companies to follow, and will prevent 16,000 tons of greenhouse gasses from being released into the atmosphere.

The company will purchase a minimum of 55,000 megawatt-hours worth of credits from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation over the next three years, a commitment which replaces the electrical power used in all of their operations.

…to California State Assemblyperson Joe Nation, (D-Marin), for introducing legislation to require vegetarian menu options in all of the state's school cafeterias. The legislation passed on April 21 by a 65 to 11 vote. Nation told the San Francisco Chronicle: “It legitimizes the idea of vegetarian lunches and sends a message that the Legislature acknowledges that schools can probably do a better job feeding our kids.” A Cheer also goes out to the state legislature of Hawaii, which overwhelmingly passed a similar measure last year.

…to Nana, the matriarch of a herd of elephants in South Africa who used her trunk to unlatch and open a gate to free a group of captive antelope. The antelope had been captured by a private game company. According to witnesses, the herd watched the antelope leave the camp before they walked off into the night.


…to Nike, for their glorification of dogfighting in a recent commercial. The nationally televised spot, titled “The Battle,” begins with fast moving clips of basketball and ends with a Pit bull and a Rottweiler lunging and snarling through a chain-link fence. Columnist Chris Rose wrote in the New Orleans Times Picayne, “How about we just cultivate every available taboo and parade them on TV to sell products to children? How about we have no sense of restraint in the brandishing of images? How about we just have no clue about how disgusting dog fighting is and how demeaning it is to connect it to legitimate consumer goods and to show that it's all just a part of American urban street culture — like it's rap or double-dutching.” We couldn’t agree more. Rose told FoA, “The Nike column I wrote generated more mail than I've ever seen in 20 years on the job.”

Philip H. Knight,
Chief Executive Officer Nike, Inc.,
1 Bowerman Dr.,
Beaverton, OR 97005-6453
Tel.: 1-800-344-6453

…to Alaska’s Senator Ted Stevens, who has demonstrated through public tantrums that he is a sore loser when it comes to oil exploration and drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Stevens has threatened to use his position as Chairperson of the Senate Appropriations Committee to punish legislators who opposed his effort to open the Arctic Refuge to drilling, stating in the L.A. Times, “People who vote against [drilling] today,” he declared, “are voting against me and I will not forget it.” On March 20, shortly after the 52 – 48 vote defeating his drilling scheme, Sen. Stevens told the Anchorage Daily News, “I’m mad enough to eat nails right now.”

…to actor Kate Winslett, for promoting Ringling Brothers circus through her highly-publicized visits to the Madison Square Gardens show in late March. Winslett and her family visited backstage with animal trainer Mark Oliver Gebel in preparation for her role in an upcoming film on 1920s tiger trainer Mabel Stark. Most circus animals have been brutalized and perform because their food, water, rest (or all three) have been withheld. FoA sent Winslett an information packet and a copy of our animal-free circus directory.

Kate Winslett
c/o Hylda Queally
William Morris Agency
151 El Camino Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

To actor Paul Newman, for entering into a partnership with McDonalds to feature Newman’s Own Salad Dressing in their restaurants. FoA’s Jessica Rae Patton wrote to Newman, “By partnering with a monolithic culprit of animal abuse and slaughter, you not only discredit your brand’s image but also lend credibility to a restaurant whose bill of fare is synonymous with our national health crises of obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and heart disease. And speaking of corpses, all the ““Premium Salads”” in the world cannot disguise the main ingredient of McDonald’s menu: Dead animals.”

Paul Newman
Newman's Own
246 Post Road East
Westport, CT 06880


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