Cheers and Jeers

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers and Jeers


Cheers to the North American Vegetarian Society for their ongoing commitment to educating people about the benefits of a plant-based diet. For the past 33 years, they have hosted Vegetarian Summerfest — a festival that celebrates vegetarianism, helps create and foster community and empowers people through education on a wide range of issues.

The 34 th annual conference is set for June 18 th through the 22 nd — with participants being able to choose the duration of their stay. A host of outstanding speakers are featured, including Friends of Animals’ own legal director, Lee Hall, who will connect vegan activism with the key global issues of our day: climate change and extinctions.

The food, prepared by International Gold Medal winning chef Ken Bergeron , is divine.

To find out more, visit:

North American Vegetarian Society
PO Box 72
Dolgeville, NY 13329
Phone: 518-568-7970

Cheers to Mayor John Banks, who, in an interview discussion of a rodeo held in Auckland, New Zealand, said “teasing and distressing these animals for entertainment is unacceptable, undignified and wrong, and if we look into our heart, most people will agree with me.” Mayor Banks went on to express the hope that rodeos will be banned, adding, “I hope those who witnessed the rodeo will give some thought to the cruelty the animals suffered for their pleasure.”

Direct your thanks and support to:

His Worship the Mayor John Banks
Level One
Auckland Town Hall
Auckland City
Auckland, 1010
New Zealand

Cheers to vocalist and guitarist Frank Nero , of the 2008 Grammy-nominated group My Chemical Romance, and Frank’spartner Jamia Nestor. In lieu of purchasing novelty gifts for guests at their wedding they decided to invest the money to the animal advocacy group they trust to put it to the best use: Friends of Animals. The band’s latest CD, The Black Parade, is available at independent music stores across North America.






Jeers to the fashion of releasing live butterflies — marketed as an alternative to throwing rice, confetti or bird seed—at weddings and other celebrations. Companies breed butterflies, often Monarchs and Painted Ladies, then ship them in small envelopes or boxes; guests are told to release these stressed insects at the end of a ceremony—if the butterflies survive transport, that is. Indeed, butterflies are beautiful beings, but a respectful view of animals entails appreciating them in their natural setting. Please direct your respectful comments and objections to this misguided practice to the following three popular companies:

Amazing Butterflies
8037 W. McNab Rd.
Tamarac , Florida USA 33321
Phone: 1-800-808-6276

Renaissance Butterflies
Greathouse Butterfly Farm, Inc.
20329 State Road 26 East
Earleton, FL USA 32631-6807
Phone: 352.475.2088

Kirkwood Butterfly Company
P.O. Box 5758
Clearwater , FL USA 33758
Phone: 727.735.0918


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