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Mute swans under attack in Michigan

We are repulsed to learn that the Board of Trustees in Putnam Township, Michigan, approved by a 6-1 margin a resolution to allow the Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) to begin shooting all ages of mute swans reduce numbers of swans by thousands to the 2,000-range statewide.

Cheers to NYC Council Member Torres for Sponsoring Exotic Animal Ban Bill

We have a huge cheer today for New York City Council Member Ritchie Torres, who is sponsoring the exotic animal ban bill, Intro 1233, which would ban wild and exotic animals from appearing in entertainment events.

Attend public hearing Aug. 2 to stop the slaughter of deer in Blue Hills Reservation

The slaughter of deer who call the 7,000-acre Blue Hills Reservation home is set to return in November and December—this time bow and arrows will be allowed over more days and a larger area—and we need our Massachusetts members to attend a public hearing on Aug.

Too cold for you? Then it's too cold for your pets!

With a deep freeze on the horizon for much of the East coast, we’re spreading the important message that your pets need extra attention during the next few frigid days! There have been far too many instances this winter of neglectful and abusive pet owners forcing their animals to weather out winter storms on their own.

Speak Out Against NH's Proposed Bobcat Hunt

We have a huge jeer today for the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department—which is proposing a bobcat hunting and trapping season process for the first time in two decades—and for the supporters of this plan, including N.J. governor, Chris Christie.

Put an end to ‘Battle of the Rays’ and all animal killing contests in Maryland

Friends of Animals is horrified to learn from the Fish Feel organization that on Saturday, June 13, dozens of men pointlessly killed hundreds of harmless cownose rays––among the smallest and most innocuous members of the shark family––near the mouth of the Patuxent River on Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.

More than 100 bow fishers in dozens of boats participated and cash prizes went to hunters who killed the heaviest rays.