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Anti-Poaching Efforts in Africa

For more than a decade, Friends of Animals has been delivering important supplies to government wildlife agencies in ten African countries. For the most part, these supplies are devoted to direct anti-poaching work — aircraft, patrol vehicles, VHF radios, night vision goggles, generators, uniforms, tents, field equipment and other items.

Much of the equipment has been acquired directly by FoA and provided to the hot-spots, where it is needed most. Some of the equipment has been acquired under grant agreements, such as with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which has supported several of FoA's anti-poaching initiatives.

In addition to supplying equipment, Friends of Animals has also found the resources to supply fuel, to assure that the anti-poaching patrols we support can move rangers as necessary across large wilderness areas. FoA has also invested in salary support for auxiliary rangers, who augment the strength of regular wildlife ranger units in regions suffering severe poaching.

We have contributed four types of Aircraft (three Zenair CH-701s, one Piper Super Cub, one Super Decathlon and one Mainair ultralight) to wildlife agencies in Ghana, Chad and Kenya. And we've contributed engines, spare parts to rebuild Husky patrol planes, flight training and mechanical maintenance instruction with aircrafts.

Provision of Technical Training and Motivation: Sometimes supplying equipment and funds is inadequate. When Friends of Animals supplies equipment and especially high-tech items such as night vision goggles (NVG) and global positioning systems (GPS) we also provide courses to teach anti-poaching units how to use and maintain that equipment.