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What They're Saying About Dining With Friends...

"I made the Grilled Tofu on page 84. This is honestly the most mouth-watering tofu I have ever had. I have half a pound still marinating in the refrigerator and it takes all my willpower not to grill it up and stuff myself silly.

"I've attached a picture of the tofu on soba noodles and a bed of spinach — all are organic.

"Bon appétit."

— Daniel

"I've read all of the recipes and they sound really delicious. They are easy to follow, too.

"I never realized that there are substitutes for eggs, sour cream, and cream cheese that can be used in baking and cooking.

"Tomorrow I'm going to get some of the Ener-G Egg Replacer for Cranberry Nut Bread. Can't wait!"

— Arline in Princeton, Illinois

Five stars "The photographs are stunning, and the recipes that I have tried so far have been successful and easy to pull off. The book is full of useful tips such as a very simple method that helps guacamole maintain its vibrant green color.

"The authors have also included interesting historical notes, as well as a section on raw food preparation. I bought two copies, one for myself, and one for my mother. Its a great gift for vegans or those who cook for vegans."

Five stars "A totally vegan cookbook, its recipes will appeal to vegetarian and non-vegetarians, first time cooks and experienced chefs. This book is designed to be put to use in the kitchen—with its lay-flat binding, wipe-clean laminated cover, and easy to follow recipes. But, the book is also pleasing to the eye with a beautiful cover, colorful illustrations and full-color photos inside. So when you are not using it in the kitchen, you can display it on your coffee table."

Five stars "Without doubt this is a truly enlightening book when it comes to vegan cooking.

"The recipes are easy to follow, there are no esoteric ingredients and the cook can be adventurous. The spinach dip on p. 19 served in the toast cups on p. 16 were a big hit when served to friends recently.

"My non-vegetarian husband will eat many of the dishes in the book without raising an eyebrow.

"Thank you Priscilla and Lee."

— Customer Reviews, Aumara Spirit Art