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Reasons Not to Support the Trade in Eggs from "Rescued" (Industry Excess) Hens

Friends of Animals Position Statement:

Reasons Not to Support the Trade in Eggs from "Rescued" (Industry Excess) Hen

Animal advocates should not devote their time and the public's resources working with battery egg producers to "adopt" hens. As a general matter, promoting eggs from former industry hens is ill-advised for at least four reasons:

  1. Misinformation abounds regarding eggs. Projecting the idea that we can ethically eat some eggs, from some chickens, confuses the public and impedes movement-building. These promotions cause the public to think that animal advocates themselves believe that a diet is not complete without eggs.
  2. The most powerful base for a movement is as broad and egalitarian as possible. Most people do not live in areas with access to "rescued" hens who could live in spacious quarters; nor should we advocate expanding the physical space taken up by animal agribusiness.
  3. This idea of using spent or rescued by-products of the battery industry can allow the industry to promote itself. In England, animal welfare groups are promoting products of rescued farm animals. Notably, some animal advocates have spoken out against the practice. Animal Aid opposes it because: (a) The welfare groups are, in some cases, exchanging money for the hens; and (b) the practice makes the idea of kicking our dependence on animal products more difficult.
  4. Moreover, negotiations to save individual animals from commercial situations are often brokered with strings attached, limiting activism. This new product -- let's call it "rescue-range" eggs -- turns animal advocates into promoters of animal agribusiness.

In conclusion, creating a platform for a non-exploitive movement has to be an idea that we want to see take hold throughout the world. It's important to make it clear that animals are not here for our purposes. We're not here to be symbiotic with animal industry. We're here to model a completely new paradigm. As with any addiction, the key is removing it from your life. Experience veganism: It's truly a liberation.