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Tundra Swan Appreciation and Protection

The Issues

Tundra SwanThousands of Tundra Swans stop at the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area on the Lancaster-Lebanon counties border in Pennsylvania. These are major staging areas for these swans — one of only a few places in North America where people can see and enjoy these birds for brief periods in the wild as they begin their annual northward migrations.

Regretfully, the safety of Tundra Swans in Pennsylvania may not be assured. Indeed, some birders and wildlife protection advocates experienced in dealing with the Pennsylvania Game Commission believe the Commission at some point in the future plans to announce a limited Tundra Swan hunting season in Pennsylvania — something that has not happened since 1918 — although all Tundra Swans in Pennsylvania currently remain protected.

Determined to keep Tundra Swans fully protected, Friends of Animals launched a multi-pronged Campaign for Tundra Swan Appreciation and Protection in Pennsylvania.

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