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Monk Parakeets

Operation Parakeet

The Issues

Forty years ago, bright-green South American parrots appeared along Connecticut's coast, refugees of the exotic pet trade. Now, these hardy birds — monk parakeets, in common parlance — have carved out an ecological niche for themselves.

In November, 2005, Connecticut's United Illuminating Company, in cooperation with the USDA, started destroying Monk Parakeet nests and gassing the birds living there. The USDA agents, who killed birds and animals at taxpayer's expense for private industry, planned to use Connecticut's program as a test case.

Friends of Animals is currently pursuing a legal judgment to ensure that UI is required to implement routine maintenance and prevent nesting, and a permanent injunction against the capturing and killing of the monk parakeets. We also support Rep. Richard F. Roy's (D-Milford) proposed bill that would take monk parakeets off the state's invasive species list, in an effort to protect them from further eradication efforts. This bill has been unanimously approved by the Legistlature's Environment Committee and will be considered by the General Assembly.

Get Involved

Build a nest -- learn how to build a nest platform for Monk Parakeets

  • Horrified by the roundups, Connecticut residents began hosting alternative nesting platforms for any birds that escaped the Company's dragnet. We're happy to provide instructions on how you can build one for your yard.

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  • We can't defend the rights of these beautiful creatures without the support of people like you. Please consider making a donation.
Protesters Speaking out in Support of Monk Parakeets

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