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Build a Nest

Friends of Animals is helping to fund a nest-building project for the birds whose nests have been destroyed. We hope to have artificial nesting platforms erected in yards adjacent to where tear-downs will occur. If you live across from a nest which will be torn down and would be willing to have a platform constructed in your yard, please contact Friends of Animals. 

If you would be willing to build a platform yourself, please find blueprints and a list of materials below.

Whole Pole


Download Nesting Platform blueprints (pdf)

2 X 10 foot 4inch PVC
one 4 inch coupling
4 X 4 inch toilet flanges
2 X 10 foot 2 inch PVC
one 2 inch coupling
PVC glue
3 X 2ft X 2ft 3/4 inch plywood pieces
1 roll X 2ft chicken wire (25 ft)
1 roll X 3ft chicken wire (25 ft)
8 X 5 in (1/4 inch diam) bolts with LOCKING nuts
6 X 2 1/2 in (1/4 inch diam) bolts with locking nuts
sm box 2 inch drywall screws (course thread)
3 X 2 foot by 2 foot, 3/4 inch plywood
2 X 6 foot boards, 1 X 8 inch
Hay/straw, sticks/twigs


Drill and extra long 5/16 inch drill bit, phillips head bit
Jig saw
hand saw
tin snips
wire bag ties



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