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Summer 2014 - Act•ionLine

Letters: Summer 2014


Please tell Stan Minasian that no animal is an “it.”  All animals are either a he or a she, including those who are spayed or neutered.  If Mr. Minasian doesn’t know which, he can pick one.  He can always change later if he finds out that they are the opposite or just say he/she.

Other than that, I enjoyed the 10 Lives article (Spring 2014). 

Brenda Sauer

North Brunswick, NJ




I received the enclosed letter almost 13 years ago from the Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon.  Regretfully, Mr. Sharon recently passed away.

I had written to Mr. Sharon regarding a proposed horse track to be built in Israel and about the cruelty and abuse to horses used in racing.  I was glad to receive a nice reply from the Prime Minister’s office stating that my “stand against cruelty to animals who are unable to cry out and tell of their suffering is commendable.”

At that time I was living one mile from an Air Force base while my son was an airman and I was sorry to hear that the military used animals in some training.  I read this in an animal welfare newsletter.

Now, 10 years later, I’ve written a letter to Idaho Governor Otter urging him to stop the wolf killings (murder) in Idaho where they recently held a “wolf derby” where hunters get paid cash for killing wolves.  This is an inhumane and horrible event that must never be held again.  There were protests by supporters of our fellow creature the wolf.  May there be more protests in hopes of stopping the murder of God’s creatures!

Helen Kett 

Boise, ID



Friends of Animals you are an amazing organization. I am 12 years old and I am in love with animals! I would like to say that I support the case against Charlie Seal.  What he” t said on 60 Minutes was SO NOT TRUE! First of all, what he said was completely irrelevant and didn’t make sense at all.  The interviewer asked, "How can you kill something you love?" and to that he replied, "I know it's for the welfare of every one of those animals.  You sacrifice one so that many more are born."  What does sacrifice have to do with the birth of a species?  They have endangered species in their hands and they decide to kill them off?  What jerks!  I'm sorry, I get very fired up about this.


Via e-mail


TIME Gets it Wrong


I stopped reading Time long time ago, so I missed the Dec. 9, 2013 issue. 

I can’t believe that, in this time and age, they publish (and advertise it on the cover) an article on deer being a “pest.”  With the widespread awareness of environmental and wildlife issues permeating the media and social internet, I was stunned to learn how far behind Time editors are.  Like you rightly said, animals are struggling to survive in a planet overtaken by humans.  We could write volumes about it.  And it’s getting worse every day to the point that the boomerang is going to knock us down sooner than later.

All I can say in face of such idiotic journalistic blunder, is to quote, once again, David Attenborough:  “If humans disappeared overnight the world would be a better place.” I would add on my own:  “Humans (not deer) are the curse of the planet.”

Mireya Landin

Riviera, AZ











Act•ionLine Summer 2014

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