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Summer 2014 - Act•ionLine

by Meg McIntire | Summer 2014

Everything Vegan at Your Fingertips: Smartphone Apps

These smartphone apps can help you make vegan-friendly choices on the go


For many people, their cell phone has become a necessity by giving them unlimited information at their fingertips through different apps and Internet access. While this level of convenience may have some downfalls, it is also true that this technology can help you make more informed decisions about the products you purchase and the food you eat. Vegan apps have become a niche in the app marketplace and we’ve highlighted some of the most noteworthy ones, so you can quickly scan an ingredient list to make sure a product is 100 percent vegan or easily find a vegan restaurant no matter where you are.

Cruelty-Free By Symbiotic Software LLC: This incredibly handy app allows you to look up a wide variety of cosmetic and household product companies while you’re on the go and check to see if what you’re buying is certifiably cruelty-free.  Published by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ CCIC Leaping Bunny Program, this continuously updated shopping guide lists more than 200 U.S. and Canadian companies that do not test ingredients, formulations or finished products on animals.

Price: Free

VeganXpress: A very useful app that lets you know what vegan menu options are available at popular chain restaurants and fast food places. It also contains a full list of vegan and vegetarian beer, wine and snack foods that you may not have known were vegan to begin with! It will definitely come in handy if you find yourself out to eat with non-vegan friends and family.

Price: $1.99

VegEZ HD By Delicious TV (For iPad): Created by our friends at Delicious TV, this app offers short cooking videos and teaches you how to make fantastic vegan recipes, step-by-step, with 57 companion videos. Browse through six different categories: light bites, main dishes, sandwiches and more.

Price: .99

VegScan: This app makes grocery shopping a breeze. Checking labels to make sure all your purchases are vegan can be a bit time consuming, but this app streamlines the process by allowing you to just scan the product’s barcode to find out if it’s vegan. It’s a community-driven app, so you can add your own vegan finds as well! 

Price: free


Meg McIntire

Act•ionLine Summer 2014

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