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Spring 2014 - Act•ionLine

Cheers and Jeers




Cheers to Seed of Life, a Victoria, British Columbia health food shop, for ceasing sales of seal oil capsules. The new owner, Peter, made this decision shortly after taking over the store.  FoA had been boycotting the location since April 2011 as part of our Canadian campaign to encouraging cities to locate, letter-write and boycott stores selling seal oil capsules, a product of the bloody annual seal slaughter off the East Coast.  Thanks, Peter, for setting a great example, and hopefully more Canadian stores will follow suit.  Canadian readers, look in your local stores, and if you find seal oil capsules, please report back to



An encore and Cheers to Barenaked Ladies, Heart, Willie Nelson, Cheap Trick and other performers for cancelling their Sea World shows after watching Blackfish, which exposes the dark side of keeping killer whales in captivity and questions the safety record at marine parks.  We first highlighted the cruelty of marine mammal captivity by supporting Stan Minasian’s documentary A Fall from Freedom.  It’s great to see bands acting responsibly, and doing the right thing. Let’s hope and encourage more follow suit, and watch the popularity of marine zoos decline.






Jeers to the American Humane Association, which oversees animal safety on film sets and gives its “stamp of approval.”  According to a One Green Planet report, films are approved but we find out afterwards animals were harmed while being trained on and off-set, which isn’t factored into the rating.  Please write AHA and demand they strengthen their policies, expanding their programs to include what happens off-set and tracking animal trainer practices prior to filming as well.  The vast majority of abuse occurs in the training prior to them being on set.


You can contact their offices here:

American Humane Association
Film and Television Unit
11530 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604

Call: (818) 501-0123


AHA President Robin R. Ganzert:



TIME Magazine receives a big Jeer for boldly declaring deer as “pests” on its Dec. 9, 2013 cover. Animals are never pests, they’re just doing the best they can amongst the ever-expanding human population.  If populations are out of balance, it’s commonly due to our own actions — in the instance of deer, we’re killing off predators (like wolves), and providing food for them in our cities.  We have no one to blame but ourselves, and instead need to learn to live in peace with wildlife.



Act•ionLine Spring 2014

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