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Seeking Endangered Species Protection Act for Two Tortoises


September 30, 2013- Friends of Animals, along with WildEarth Guardians, submitted petitions to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service asking the agency to list the spider tortoise (left) and flat-tailed tortoise (right) under the Endangered Species Act.




Both species rank among the most endangered reptiles on earth, primarily due to the international pet trade. Notably, the United States represents one of the largest markets in the world for importing wild-caught reptiles to sell in the pet trade. A single spider tortoise can fetch up to $1000, making it of high commercial value and a target for collectors.


Listing the tortoises under the Endangered Species Act would provide needed regulation to halt further exploitation of these species. Bethany Cotton, Wildlife Program Director for WildEarth Guardians explains, "Tragically the pet trade is rapidly driving these beautiful tortoises to extinction in the wild. Endangered Species Act protections will help curb this serious threat to their survival".


You can read the joint press release here.