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Fall 2013 - Act•ionLine


LETTER 1 - Shooting Targets, Not Animals

I am an avid animal activist. I fight everyday for animal welfare in some form -- donating food to the local shelter, giving money when I can.  I have a sterilized feral cat colony.  I have more than a dozen animals that have medical needs or have been rescued from circumstances that make them "unadoptable.”  I also carry a gun, belong to a gun club and have a concealed carry permit.  I do not murder animals, nor do I have any desire to murder animals.  Just the opposite.  Many of the people I know who also carry a gun enjoy inanimate-object target shooting.  We have no desire to go on any shooting rampage at a school or business.  We believe we have the right and privilege to protect ourselves, family, neighbors, pets and property against such maniacs.

I do not support the animal hunts of the NRA.  They are cruel and heartless.  I stand by Friends of Animals and many other animal welfare groups that truly care about the animals.  I'm a "crazy cat lady,” not a crazy gun owner.
Dawn Gott
Russellville, AR


LETTER 2 - Defending Polar Bears

It is despicable that Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund would be supportive of polar bear hunting of any kind.  (Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund claimed the Canadian hunt was sustainable at the CITES meeting in 2013.)  Those two groups are a complete disgrace pretending to be on the side of wildlife.

D. Worthington


LETTER 3 – Animals Killing Contests:  A Blight on Humanity

This is in regards to the feature article that appeared in Summer Act∙ionLine, “Subjecting Animals and Children to Killing Contests.”

I commend Carole Raphelle Davis, Friends of Animals and all the Animal Rights Advocates who banded together to raise awareness of the killing contest known as “Squirrel Slam Day” which has taken place over the past seven years in the small community of Holley in northwestern New York.

It was Albert Schweitzer who brought to light and encouraged others to embrace an ethic of reverence for all life.

It is a disgrace when a killing contest is billed as a fundraiser and children are encouraged to participate in such a callous event.

I hope and pray that all the youth of Holley will have the courage to stand up to the cruelty that flourishes at these events; they are our future.

Patricia Jarrett
Director of the Southwest Chapter of Witches Against Animal Abuse
Tucson, AZ



Act•ionLine Fall 2013

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