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Summer 2013 - Act•ionLine


Letter 1: Six Decades as Vegan

I love your magazine very much.

I’m an 84 year-old vegan and turned vegan when I was 21.  I raised two boys and a husband as vegans, and my husband lived until he was 86.

When people sit down to dinner and eat meat, they don’t think about the animal that was slaughtered.  There’s blood-letting, and the animal was cut up, packaged and transported to be sold as food. People don’t realize that we could feed more people, and fewer would go hungry if we were all vegans.

Now with climate change and less rain, we should all become vegans, and care about what’s happening to our planet.

Deena Andrews

Berkeley, CA

Letter 2: Working to End Devocalization

Coalition to Protect and Rescue Pets (CPR Pets) thanks Friends of Animals for helping us get the word out about devocalization in its print and online magazine. As an all-volunteer organization that does not accept financial donations, we are grateful for the outreach.

CPR Pets has led the movement to end devocalization since 2007.

Among our initiatives, we sponsored Logan's Law, prohibiting devocalization of dogs and cats in Massachusetts.  Enacted on July 21, 2010, it is the only viable state devocalization ban in the U.S.  We've led the effort to pass a similar law in NYS for the past three years, joined in 2013 by Animal Advocates of Western New York and New York State Humane Association, with support from FoA.

We'd like to acknowledge our people who were quoted in FoA’s article: Board-certified surgeon Joel Woolfson, DVM, DACVS is CPR Pets’ veterinary advisor.  Leslie Harris is director of one of our many shelter partners.  Sue Perry, who joined us in 2010 after learning the dog she adopted was devocalized, is our Social Media Coordinator.

Along with working to end devocalization through education and legislation, we promote humane treatment of all animals, and facilitate the placement of "unadoptable" pets in loving homes.

Leslie A. Burg

City of Newton, MA, Alderman (Ret.)

Co-Chair, Coalition to Protect and Rescue Pets

Letter 3: Angels

My condolences on the loss of your friend and colleague, Sandra Lewis. Yours was a moving tribute in the Spring issue and shows your love of humans as well as animals.

I happened to get ActionLine on the same day I received PETA's magazine (I support both animals rights and welfare). The contrast was astounding. The latter was full of horrific photos and graphic stories of animal cruelty and suffering. I couldn't bear to read it. But ActionLine was informative while showing the beauty of our beloved creatures, nudging us to reverence and action.

I don't know how you survive the horror stories that must cross your desk each day and still maintain your devotion to our cause. I've been with FoA since the 1970s, and you are one of my all-time (favorites) along with Jane Goodall, the late Steve Irwin, and other crusaders.

Claire Connelly

Animal foster care and rescue

Manchester, CT

Letter 4: Yes to Breeding Control

I believe in spaying and neutering.  I do not believe in docking, cropping, declawing and devocalization.  Those things are immoral and should be illegal.

Brenda Sauer

North Brunswick, NJ

Act•ionLine Summer 2013

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