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Winter 2004 - Act•ionLine

by Friends of Animals | Winter 2004

The Foundations of a Movement: Friends of Animals 2005 Animal Rights Conference

July 9-10, 2005, New York City

Join Friends of Animals at our forthcoming conference. We’ll be addressing the foundations of the movement and how they can guide the activism of the future.

A variety of topics and workshops will be available, yet all will explore the principles which are the bedrock of the movement. The connecting thread is living respectfully on a planet which is home to so many.

Featured topics:


Mainstreamer or innovator? Strategies of and for the next generation.

Welfare and authority: The rise of intimidation tactics in animal protectionism.

Current legal issues of interest to activists.

Feminism, Ecology, and Untangling the Threads of Domination

Treading lightly on the earth.

Heterosexism, the concept of male violence, and hunting.

Animal rights and the dairy business. Replacing anti-cruelty standards with respect. Of Mice and Men: Catharine MacKinnon’s feminist fragment on animal rights. Guardianship and control.

Is a focus on the victim healthful or harmful?

Cycles of domestication and rescue.


Cuisine for liberation. Food and environmental justice. The pure vegetarian diet: Current knowledge about health and healing.

Classic recipes: Replacing eggs, creams and cheeses. Raw food: How to prepare and enjoy it.

Conceiving and achieving a vegan festival.

Details about talks, demonstrations, workshops, and interactive gatherings will be announced in FoA’s Spring 2005 issue.

For more information as the date approaches, phone: 203-656-1522. Those who have Internet connections are invited to e-mail us at, and visit our Web site for further details:

The Friends of Animals 2005 Animal Rights Conference will be held in New York City on 9-10 July 2005. Save the Dates.

Friends of Animals

Act•ionLine Winter 2004

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