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Autumn 2004 - Act•ionLine

by Sandy Lewis | Autumn 2004

Friends of Animals Ads Target 2005 Tourism Season in Alaska

Friends of Animals believes that persistence is the key to ending aerial wolf control programs in Alaska. We are committed to another season of protest after November 1, 2004 to target the 2005 tourism season. We hope to bolster the Boycott Alaska campaign with ads to increase public awareness. The November/December issue of Mother Jones (on sale November 2) will carry a full page ad depicting a hunter taking aim at a family of running wolves. Another ad is a reminder that “Like Humans, Wolves Live In Families,” which makes them easier targets for hunters who shoot them from planes. An advertisement in support of Alaska’s wolves will also appear on the Op-Ed page opposite the editorial page of The New York Times.

Friends of Animals to Consumers: Could You Have a Career in the Fur Industry?

The fur industry’s decade-long attempt to equate fur-wearing with self-determination and personal power is a cynical ploy aimed at — and insulting to — women.

The “fur is back” mantra of the industry is an attempt to sell consumers — mainly women — on the idea that fur-wearing has somehow been de-stigmatized, that there’s safety for fur-buyers in numbers, and that one need not hesitate to disrespect other animals, as long as other consumers are doing the same. So this is hardly a message of self-determination. It’s group-think of the most insidious kind — the kind that poses as its opposite.

This fall and winter, Friends of Animals anti-fur ads will confront those who have not purchased fur, but may do so in the future, with the prospect of having to kill the animals themselves just as fur “farmers” do — by breaking their necks.

Sandy Lewis

Act•ionLine Autumn 2004

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