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Winter 2006 - Act•ionLine

by Lee Hall | Winter 2006

Festival of Life: The London Vegan Festival 2006

It's been called “the greatest gathering of vegans anywhere in the world.” On the 10th of September, Kensington Town Hall, in London’s busiest shopping district, was filled for a record twelve hours with food, music, educational displays, and ethical companies. The festival is arranged each year by London's Campaign Against Leather & Fur (CALF). Also facilitating the event was Festival of Life, a project dedicated to raw food and holistic healing workshops.

One of the best purveyors of vegan food to emerge is the Redwood Company, which will happily arrive soon in the North American market. Watch for their excellent Cheezly (mature cheddar and gouda are especially recommended), sausages (try the traditional Lincolnshire), falafel, and delicious Thai cakes.

And we discovered a new book available on vegan organic growing. Written by Jenny Hall and Iain Tolhurst, it's called Growing Green - Organic Techniques for a Sustainable Future. This will be a key book for the growing (pun intended) vegan movement. At last, people who work with organics without using nonhuman animals in their growing cycles will be able to show the consumer that it really is possible to find a way of holistic, peaceful agriculture. More details appear on Jenny Hall's Sow & Grow Organics website

The success of vegan festivals gives hope to those who know the importance of what we're doing to save our planet -- for ourselves and all other living beings who belong on it.

Lee Hall

Act•ionLine Winter 2006

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