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Summer 2007 - Act•ionLine


LETTER 1 – Plight of Circus Elephants Strike a Chord

I just finished reading your comments in the New Haven Register about circus elephants and I want Friends of Animals to know that I have been thinking about the deplorable, unnatural conditions these animals have lived in for years. It’s so very, very cruel and I always hoped and prayed that someday someone would come along who had the power to help put an end to this horrific treatment of elephants and other animals.

I am a retired senior with a small income but I want to help. I may only be able to donate a few dollars but I can write letters to government officials who can help change the laws. Please let me know what else I can do to help these poor animals.

James T. Nuzzello
New Haven , CT


As an American who has had the privilege of living in Kenya for 26 years, I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of the rights of animals, and elephants in particular. Nothing can compare to seeing them in their natural habitat and even after all this time here, our children and I love nothing better than to spend a few days in a game park where we can share the lives of these and other animals. I have never seen a circus (except one that came through Nairobi from Egypt), and don’t think my children would be interested either.

Sheldricks is a place we love to visit and to see the care these young elephants are given to prepare them for eventual return to the wild is very touching.

Kathi Ward


I read your article in the New Haven Register – thank you so very much. The piece was perfect and long overdue.

I love all animals, especially elephants. I have always felt bad the way they have suffered for so many years. It’s terrible the way they are treated. I read where the elephants need to walk 20 miles per day, and to see them in chains and not being able to move makes me literally cry! I pray each night to St. Francis to bring all this torture to an end.

Some places, including Moscow, do not have circuses that have animals. They only have circuses with people, as you suggested.

Keep working towards helping the elephants and I will keep praying.

God bless you.
Gertrude Buccelly
Shelton , CT

Act•ionLine Summer 2007

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