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UPDATE: The Wolf-Killings Continue

Stop the Montana & Idaho Wolf Killings -- Sign Petition Here

Montana will not reconsider changes in this year's wolf hunt.

Montana: Changes in Wolf Hunt Are Considered

The New York Times


Wolves under fire; Idaho hunter called 'wolf murderer'

From Green Right Now Reports

At least three of Idaho's wolves have been killed as hunting commenced this week under the first authorized sport wolf hunt in the lower 48 states.

But while the hunt has attracted sportspeople, it has repelled others. A Lewiston-area man who killed the first wolf on opening day told the local media that he has received numerous calls of protest.

Protect Idaho's Wolves

Please don't buy potatoes grown in Idaho until this state's violence against wolves stops. Contact:  Gov. Otter at 208-334-2100 to sound off. Governor, respecting wolves and hating them isn't the same.

Gov. Otter prepares to buy wolf tag and hunt this fall The Idaho By Rocky Barker

Arctic Herbivores

The New York Times

Dining In Letters

To the Editor:

Re "A Political Punch Line Is Dinner in Alaska," Sept. 17:

Deceased moose aren't necessary for Alaskan dinners. I have visited Alaska often. Plant-based foods abound in restaurants and stores.

Vicious: Sarah Palin's War on Wolves

by Marybeth Holleman
Anchorage, Alaska

This past June, on a cool morning in southwest Alaska, fourteen wolf pups were pulled from their dens and shot in the head, one by one, by state biologists sanctioned by Governor Sarah Palin. At a month old, these pups had opened their eyes and ears less than two weeks earlier. They had ventured from the dark safety of the den once or twice. They had grown into rolling, tumbling, play-fighting puppies for whom their only care was, when would they next get to nurse?

Her deadly wolf program

With a disdain for science that alarms wildlife experts, Sarah Palin continues to promote Alaska's policy to gun down wolves from planes.
By Mark Benjamin

Predator control limitations likely to be shot down

MEASURE 2: Initiative would ban most aerial hunts of bears, wolves.

By MARY PEMBERTON, The Associated Press

Alaskans were saying no Tuesday to a ballot initiative designed to end the state's predator control program as now conducted.

With almost 60 percent of the vote tallied, the measure was losing with more than 56 percent of voters saying no.