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Unimak Island [Alaska]: FoA's Public Comment on Aerial Wolf-Killing

Subject: NO ACTION ALTERNATIVE to Aerial Wolf-Killing on Unimak Island

On behalf of Friends of Animals' 200,000 members across North America, we offer our vigorous opposition to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's environmental assessment (EA) regarding the State of Alaska's scheme to aerially assault wolves under the guise of protecting caribou on Unimak Island. No National Wildlife Refuge should permit such a predator control program, especially in a congressionally designated wilderness area.

Judge Orders Protections Reinstated for Gray Wolf

A federal judge on Thursday criticized the removal of the gray wolf's protection in Idaho and Montana as political (Matt Volz, AP, 5 Aug) and reinstated Endangered Species Act coverage.

U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy said the entire Rocky Mountain wolf population either must be listed as an endangered species or removed from the listing, but the protections for the same population can't vary depending on the state in which various individuals from an estimated population of 1,700 wolves happen to be found roaming.

Legal action threatened over state predator control in refuge

UNIMAK: Refuge hunt requires special-use permit, USFWS says.

The Associated Press

A federal agency threatened legal action if Alaska moves ahead with plans to kill wolves inside a national wildlife refuge.

In a letter Monday, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service cautioned the Alaska Department of Fish and Game about proceeding with plans to kill wolves on refuge land on Unimak Island without a federal special-use permit.

Legislature rejects game board pick after wolf-skinning video surfaces

[Legal question pressed by Friends of Animals: Will this rejection of the fur tanner, trap-seller, etc. invalidate the Board of Game's vote and thus Proposal 63 to eliminate the buffer zone for wolves around Denali National Park?]

KTUU Television Breaking News

by Jeremy Hsieh
The Associated Press

JUNEAU, Alaska -- The Legislature has rejected the appointment of Al Barrette to the Board of Game.

Boycott Alaska

Boycott Alaska

Please sign this petition:

Dear Gov. Parnell: I have joined Friends of Animals' travel boycott; please step in now to stop Alaska from controlling wolves through any and all state permits or proposals - and that includes stripping the buffer zone around Denali National Park.

Sign Here Now

Thank you.

Boycott Alaska Until The State Stops Targeting Wolves

Friends of Animals Declares a Boycott of Travel to Alaska in the 2010 Tourist Season, calling groups and individuals to join.


Boycott travel to Alaska in Summer 2010

Press for other groups and individuals to join.

Area around Denali opened to wolf hunters
TRAPPERS: Game board votes to erase park's protective zone.

The Anchorage Daily News


Published: 6 March 2010

The Alaska Board of Game on Friday approved opening the northeast periphery of the Denali National Park and Preserve for wolf trapping.