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Alaska Tourism Boycott Continues

__State to kill up to 500 wolves by aerial shooting__

For Immediate Release: 4 November 2004
Contact: Daniel Hammer 1-203-656-1522

Darien, Connecticut , US -- In the first year of Alaska's current state-sponsored aerial wolf-killing scheme, over 200,000 people pledged to boycott the state's $2 billion-a-year tourism industry.

Alaska Wolves Public Service Announcement

Friends of Animals would like to announce the release of a new public service announcement, now available. The name of the video is Alaska Wolves.

Friends of Animals to Intervene in Alaska's Shooting of Wolves

Once autumn snowfalls permit the tracking of wolves, Alaska will begin its second aerial wolf-shooting program, intending to kill more than 500 wolves this winter.

147 wolves died in the winter of 2004 under Alaska's aerial wolf control scheme -- all to appease thrill-seeking hunter-pilot teams and moose hunters who boost their hunting opportunities by shooting the competition.

Friends of Animals comments re-proposed delisting of Eastern Distinct Population Segment wolves

Friends of Animals, a 200,000-member non-profit international animal advocacy organization, opposes delisting by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service of wolves in the Eastern Distinct Population Segment. Delisting would rely on unwarranted assumptions about the current status of EDPS wolves and would result in implementation of state management plans for Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan that we feel are seriously deficient from biological and ethical standpoints. Following are our comments. Please include them in the record.

There are three fundamental problems.

Howl-In at OohMahNee Farmed Animal Sanctuary Protests Alaska Wolf-killing

On the 29th of March, Gov. Frank Murkowski declined to talk about the shooting scheme in a public forum in Anchorage, hosted by Professor Rick Steiner and attended by Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals.

"The people responsible for the shootings have a choice as to whether they want to attend this public forum, or if their priorities are elsewhere. Obviously, their priorities are elsewhere," said Priscilla Feral.

Howl-In to Protest Alaska's Aerial Wolf-killing: Durango's Ft. Lewis College and Diamond Circle Theatre

Durango, Colorado — Friends of Animals (FoA) continues our international boycott against Alaska's $2 billion tourist industry as aerial gunners have now killed 131 wolves with semiautomatic weapons. Gunners killed 112 wolves in the Nelchina Basin region and 19 in the McGrath region.

Advocates will gather in the Union Building lobby of Ft. Lewis College this Friday, March 26, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. A second Howl-in will be held Friday night, 8 p.m. - 10 p.m. at the Diamond Circle Theatre on Main Ave.

Wolf-shooting Speeds Up in Alaska&#59; NY Times Decries "Savagery of Humans"

Chicago, Illinois — In a March 14th editorial, the New York Times called Alaska's war on wolves an example of "the savagery of humans" and declared, "There's nothing sporting about deploying an air force to hunt animals." As aerial wolf-killing in Alaska accelerates, so does the urgency of citizens across the country organizing Howl-Ins to boycott travel to Alaska.

Friends of Animals Launches "Howl-Ins" for the Wolves of Alaska

Darien, Connecticut -- The Alaska Board of Game and Department of Fish and Game has resumed --for the first time in over a decade -- issuing permits for the aerial gunning of wolves. Justifications for this idea include ridding the moose hunters of competition from the wolves.

This, the latest chapter in Alaska's war on wolves, is planned to span at least 2-3 winters.

Legislative Action Alert for Alaska Wolf Advocates

Dear Alaska Friends of Animals Member,

As you've undoubtedly heard, Gov. Murkowski has slowed down the predator control scheme to allow Alaska's state sharpshooters to shot-gun wolves from helicopters, or other aircraft around McGrath this Spring, following Friends of Animals' promise of legal action and a tourism boycott. The wolf-killing scheme is on the back burner, but we must stop it from going forward in the Fall through the legislative maneuver described below.

Tourism Boycott Promised if Alaska's Governor Approves Wolf "Control"

New York, New York — Friends of Animals, the Connecticut-based international animal advocacy organization says the state of Alaska can count on a tourism boycott if Alaska's Gov. Frank Murkowski approves yesterday's decision by the Alaska Board of Game to shoot all the wolves with shot-guns from helicopters, and move bears from a 520-square-mile area near McGrath, Alaska.