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Wolf Scientist Says Denali Wolf Pack is Decimated

by Mary Pemberton
*AP, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner (Published: March 4, 2005)*

Anchorage (AP) -- Trappers are picking off the remaining members of a wolf pack that has strayed from Denali National Park and Preserve onto state land, a researcher who has studied the pack for a decade said Friday.

Gordon Haber, whose work is paid for by the animal rights group Friends of Animals, said it was alarming and he would again appeal to the state for an emergency closure of hunting and trapping in the area.

Oh, please, News-Miner: Get it right

*Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Fairbanks, Alaska*
Monday, February 21, 2005 - The Daily News-Miner's Feb. 3 editorial, "Oh, please, Priscilla" argues that Friends of Animals' protests against wolf control are futile and, "It's taken a couple of months to get just 5,000 signatures on pledges to support a tourism boycott of Alaska." Wrong.

Wolf Advocates Gather Support for Alaska Tourism Boycott

BOSTON -- On Saturday, Feb. 19, wolf supporters including the Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition will hold a Howl-In to gather pledges in Boston for the Alaska travel boycott.

Judge rejects group's bid to halt wolf control program

By Rachel D'Oro
*Associated Press, Anchorage, Alaska (Published: February 2, 2005)* -- A Superior Court judge on Wednesday denied a request from animal rights advocates to halt Alaska's aerial wolf control program until the issue goes to trial in May.

Connecticut-based Friends of Animals and others are suing the state over a game management program they call a slaughter. The wolf program aims to boost moose populations in five areas of the state.

Judge Refuses to Suspend Alaska's Wolf Control Program

Challenge: Animal rights group's request is on hold for now

By Mary Pemberton
*Associated Press Writer, Anchorage, Alaska (Published: January 28, 2005)*
An animal rights group was unsuccessful Thursday in its attempt to persuade a judge to suspend Alaska's aerial wolf control program, now in its second year.

Friends of Animals is seeking to have the program -- now authorized in five areas of the state -- suspended until May 16 when the issue is scheduled for trial.

A Friends of Animals Report: Wolf Control in the Fortymile Region

Special Update based on interview with Dr. Gordon Haber in Alaska January, 2005 -- The Fortymile program, authorized in November 2004, is now in final stages of preparation. This, the latest in a series of wolf control programs authorized in Alaska since the autumn of 2003, covers 6,600 square miles of the Fortymile region, about a hundred miles east of Fairbanks.

Friends of Animals and In Defense of Animals Howl in Portland, Oregon for 580 Imperilled Wolves

Portland, Oregon -- On Sunday, Dec. 12, Oregon activists will howl in outrage over Alaska's refusal to stop gunning down wolves.

Advocates will gather from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Pioneer Courthouse Square at Southwest Broadway & Yamhill, as Friends of Animals (FoA) and In Defense of Animals (IDA) host one of the more than 46 new Howl-Ins for cities across North America.

NYC Howl-In at Rockefeller Center on Behalf of 580 Wolves

"We'll Howl Until Frank Murkowski Wakes Up," Says Protester

New York City -- Friends of Animals, an international animal advocacy organization, will be taking our Alaska tourism boycott to Rockefeller Center -- the southwest corner of 49th St. and 5th Avenue -- on Saturday, December 4th, from 12-3pm. The NYC protest is one of more than 43 new Howl-Ins planned for cities across the country and designed to impact Alaska's summer 2005 tourism season.

Seattle Post -- Intelligencer

Update: Alaska's aerial wolf-shootings have begun. Boycott travel to Alaska until the wolf control program is cancelled. As of Dec. 1, FoA has organized 43 new Howl-Ins in cities nationwide. Please join the effort.

Alaska resumes wolf hunts over protests
The Associated Press

Fairbanks, Alaska -- State officials have begun issuing permits for aerial hunters to kill wolves in parts of Alaska in an effort to boost moose and caribou populations.

Alaska's wolf-control program deserves to be killed itself

Published Sunday, Nov. 21, 2004 Fairbanks Daily News-Miner Fairbanks, Alaska

The Daily News Miner’s Nov. 7, 2004 editorial (A howlin good time) clearly illustrates how seriously Alaskans are misled about the current rash of aircraft-assisted wolf-shooting programs.

As an animal advocacy group that represents hundreds of Alaska members, Friends of Animals holds the interest and right to express our views about the ethics and treatment of wolves and other free-living animals, and to condemn aerial shotgunning as a morally corrupt act regardless of who pumps the bullets.