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Wolf Advocates Say Lack of Denali Buffer has Economic Consequences

Emily Schwing / KUAC / TV9 / December 3, 2012

Fairbanks, AK - The decline of at least one wolf pack along the eastern border of Denali National Park and Preserve has wildlife advocates concerned that wolf watching in and around the park could become a thing of the past. The groups argue that a decline in the wolf population could have a dire impact on the local economy.

Fewer Wolves Counted in Alaska's Denali National Park

Tim Mowry / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / November 28, 2012

Reader Comments

FAIRBANKS - The number of wolves in Denali National Park and Preserve is the lowest in 25 years, which has supporters howling to stop trapping and hunting of wolves on state land just outside the northeast boundary of the park.

Grassroots Conservation Organizations Sue Feds for Delisting Wolves in Wyoming: Wyoming's Wolf Plan Lethal for Wolves

Wendy Keefover | WildEarth Guardians (Colorado) | 303-573-4898, Ext. 1162
Mike Garrity | Alliance for the Wild Rockies (Montana) | 406-459-5936
Duane Short | Biodiversity Conservation Alliance (Wyoming) | 307-742-7978
Denise Boggs | Conservation Congress (Montana) | 406-222-2723
Priscilla Feral | Friends of Animals (Connecticut) | 203-656-1522
Gary Macfarlane | Friends of the Clearwater (Idaho) | 208-882-9755

7 collared Yellowstone Park wolves shot by hunters

Associated Press

BILLINGS - Seven gray wolves originally from Yellowstone National Park and wearing collars for research purposes have been shot by hunters in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming in recent weeks, a park scientist said Thursday.

There has been no indication any of the wolves were taken illegally, said state officials and Dave Hallac, chief of Yellowstone's Center for Resources.

Beautiful Female Wolf Lured from Safety of Sanctuary by Fake Recording of Pup Distress Calls


First victim wolf of Wyoming's 2012 hunt "“lured out of the protection of Yellowstone with a recording of a wolf pup in distress. Shot and killed for following her instincts to rescue a pup. How low can you go?

Thanks Stan Castagno for stealing a magnificent wolf from 300,000,000 of us who were promised wildlife safety in National Parks.

Why the Beaver Should Thank the Wolf

The New York Times -- Op-Ed

San Francisco

THIS month, a group of environmental nonprofits said they would challenge the federal government's removal of Endangered Species Act protections for wolves in Wyoming. Since there are only about 328 wolves in a state with a historic blood thirst for the hides of these top predators, the nonprofits are probably right that lacking protection, Wyoming wolves are toast.

Alaska Game Officials Reject Wolf-Protection Zone Around Denali National Park

Kim Murphy / Los Angeles Times / September 19, 2012

Alaska game officials: No wolf-protection zone near Denali -

The Alaska Board of Game has refused to consider a request to establish an emergency no-hunting zone for wolves on the edge of Denali National Park, a buffer sought after the park's best-known pack lost two of its prime breeding females and largely disappeared from public view.

Protect Wolves at Denali National Park, Wildlife Activists Plead

Kim Murphy Los Angeles Times / September 6, 2012 The wolf pack that has enchanted thousands of visitors at Alaska's Denali National Park did not produce any pups this year and its members have dispersed widely across the park, says a petition seeking to ban hunting and trapping along the park's northeastern boundary, where a female wolf was fatally snared earlier this year.

UPDATE: Kill Order Rescinded, but Wolf Matriarch Still Under Attack

Dear Members and Supporters:

Last week, we shared with you an urgent message from Wendy Keefover, Carnivore Protection Director for WildEarth Guardians. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issued a kill order against the matriarch of the Fox Mountain Mexican wolf family (which has five young wolves).The matriarch wolf was implicated in killing farm animals kept by ranchers just near the wolf den in the Apache National Forest in New Mexico. WildEarth Guardians sent out a new release today, and we back their call for action. Please read on, and act.