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Vegetarianism &Veganism

Friends of Animals & Millennium Restaurant at the San Francisco Green Festival

On November 5-6, 2005, thousands are expected to attend the environmental conference known as the "Green Festival," which is being held at the San Francisco Concourse, located at Eighth and Brannan Street. This year, the crowd will have an opportunity to taste some of the finest and most environmentally-friendly fare of the Bay area. Friends of Animals has invited Millennium Restaurant to join our exhibit booth to offer a sampling of world-class cuisine, as prepared by reknown chef Eric Tucker.

Celebrate World Vegan Day

We at Friends of Animals wish everyone a happy and healthy World Vegan Day. The international celebration is the 1st of November. This year's theme is vegan diversity.

The vegan diet itself is diverse, drawing from worldwide traditions, and especially influenced by Mediterranean, North African, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican and Caribbean kitchens, where good growing seasons for grains and beans have been complemented by rich arrays of herbs and spices.

The vegan lifestyle, too, encompasses an ethic without borders - between species or between peoples.

New Eco-Friendly Cookbook Has Taste

By Liz Gay, reprinted from the Nashville City Paper, Nashville, TN

Carnivores rule the culinary world. For example, after decades in business, only recently have fast food chains such as McDonald's and Wendy's offered leafy alternatives to fries like fruit and salads. The rest of the country is catching on, but vegans (those who shun all foods derived from animals) still have to be selective of where and what they can eat.

Celebrate World Vegetarian Day

Why not host a party for family or friends on Saturday, the 1st of October, in celebration of World Vegetarian Day? The American Dietetic Association states: "A well-planned vegetarian eating style can be healthful, nutritionally sound, and beneficial for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases." By taking time to treat good friends to a vegetarian meal, you send out a clear message it is possible, and even festive, to choose this healthful and respectful way of life.

Dining With Friends Vegan Cookbook

Dining With Friends: The Art of North American Vegan Cuisine Celebrate the earth's gifts: Invite your friends to experience the best of pure vegetarian cuisine. With their first cookbook, Dining With Friends: The Art of North American Vegan Cuisine, Friends of Animals will draw accolades for recipes as enjoyable to eat as they are to prepare.

Foundations of a Movement: An Animal Rights Conference

We are pleased to share a brief synopsis of Foundations of a Movement: An Animal Rights Conference which took place in New York City this past weekend. Please visit often; there's more to come, both here on our site, and in our quarterly magazine, ActionLine.

Jay Tutchton, Pricilla Feral, and Peter Galvin started the conference by discussing the connection between zoos and hunting, focusing on the connection between zoos and canned hunts at Texas hunting ranches.

Whole Foods Promotes "Responsible" and "Compassionate" Flesh Foods

Tell Whole Foods: Killing Animals Is Not Advocacy!

January, 2005 -- Friends of Animals, an international animal advocacy group with 200,000 members worldwide, will stage vigils at Whole Foods Markets on Tuesday 25 January on behalf of the animals in agriculture whose flesh this company peddles.

To "give shoppers peace of mind," Whole Foods Market is heralding its 25th year by promising 5% of a day's sales to a new Animal Compassion Foundation.

HSUS criticizes Burger King ads -- but not Burger King

So now we hear the chief executive officer of the Humane Society of the U.S. objects to a commercial that purportedly condones cockfighting HSUS Criticizes Burger King Ads, Oct. 21 2004. Reacting to a couple of people dressed up in chicken suits, the Society's CEO sees fit to publicly denounce "Burger King's "chicken fight" commercial as an endorsement of "base and barbaric" chicken abuse.

Advocates Take Direct Action in Support of Vegetarian Restaurants

For Immediate Release: 29 September, 2004
Contact: Daniel Hammer (203) 656-1522

Darien, Connecticut -- Friends of Animals, an international animal advocacy organization, will be in New York City. on Oct. 16 to join with activists worldwide in support of World Day of Action against McDonald's.

Bringing Social Justice to the Table

Speech presented by Lee Hall on July 22, 2004
North American Vegetarian Society Vegetarian SummerFest
University of Pittsburgh - Johnstown, Pennsylvania Campus