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Vegetarianism &Veganism

Ask Ecover Dishwashing Liquid Maker to Drop Dairy

Supporters of Friends of Animals are asking Ecover, maker of an internationally popular brand of dishwashing soaps, to drop dairy.

Interview with a Vegan

by Bob Orabona

Q. First, what is veganism?

A. Not using animals -"“ any part of them -- as food, clothing or medicine, in experimentation or entertainment, not using them in any way for human benefit.

Q. What do you eat then?

A. Mostly good home-cooked food, with the occasional restaurant meal "“ all made only from plants. It's often a challenge to eat vegan in a non-vegetarian restaurant. Sometimes the wait staff does not understand that milk and cheese, or even chicken and fish are not vegetables.

Opting Out of Animal Exploitation

Letter to the Editor The Connecticut Post Bridgeport, CT Of course one can be concerned about war, foster children, and animals; a person's kindness need not be classified. So it's wonderful to read the call for animal-free circuses ("Aren't there more important things for them to worry about?" - 11 May). Whatever handling tools are banned, depriving circus animals of their freedom is itself mistreatment. Right again about cruelty-free farming: The only way to ensure it is to raise plants, not animals, for food.

Turning the heat up on Congress -- Activists push diet change to head of climate change

The Hour
Norwalk Connecticut
April 15, 2007
By James Walker -- Hour Staff Writer

Step It Up

Norwalk -- While scientists with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a dire report on global warming, residents in Norwalk took to the streets Saturday to urge Congress to "Step It Up" by cutting carbon dioxide emissions by the year 2050.

11th Annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

You're invited to join Friends of Animals at the 11th Annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival.

Saturday, October 21, 2006
10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Reggie Lewis Athletic Center
1350 Tremont Street, Boston, MA

Free admission, Free food samples

Free parking, Subway stop across the street

Whole Foods CEO Mackey Endorses Cato Book

Here's an excerpt from "Whole Foods CEO Mackey Endorses Cato Book - No More Corporate Crime Prosecutions" by Russell Mokhiber

Most people who shop at Whole Foods are liberal yuppies.They have enough money to spend $9 on a pound of cherries.They believe that shopping for groceries at Whole Foods instead of Safeway or Food Lion or Giant or Wal-Mart is the politically correct thing to do.They probably believe that the President and CEO of Whole Foods is a liberal like themselves.

Springtime Celebrations Are Better Without Birds' Eggs

Spring is in the air. A time of celebrating rebirth, as nature emerges from winter, trees bud, birds nest and free-living animals give birth to their young. Eggs are a popular social and religious symbol this time of year. For birds, though, eggs have a relevance all their own. And that's why, at Friends of Animals, we recommend the use of artificial eggs for games such as the "Easter Egg Roll" or Easter egg hunts.

Advocating Vegetarianism Like You Mean It

We at Friends of Animals see an obvious and important connection between animal habitat, a secure future for humanity, and vegetarianism. We envision a holistic view that weaves these ideas together.

Sometimes, Vegetarian Societies expressly make allowances for animal products at their events. In the year 2006, there is no realistic argument that dairy and eggs can fit into ethical activism.

Nonviolence: a truly radical activism.

Commentary by Lee Hall, Letters to the Editor, Christian Science Monitor (3 Feb. 2006).

How could a firebomb symbolize respect for animals and the Earth - much less one consisting of "a napalm-like substance known as 'vegan Jell-O' "? Veganism isn't about forcing people to behave differently, and it sure isn't about napalm-like substances... In a world where coercion has, for so long, been the tedious norm, truly radical activism seeks and models a view in which respect prevails.