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Vegetarianism &Veganism

"What to Make of Those Animal-Welfare Labels on Meat and Eggs"- The New York Times

Ever wonder what all of those labels on eggs and animal products mean: "Free range." "Cage-Free." "Certified Humane"? The 

Black Eyed Peas: A New Year's Tradition!

Did you know that in the South, black-eyed peas are a New Year’s Day tradition? It is thought that eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day will bring good luck and prosperity in the New Year!

Have a vegan Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and since it is about gratitude, Friends of Animals thinks people should show their appreciation for turkeys and opt for a vegan menu this holiday.

10 Reasons to Go Vegan This Month

For vegans, every day is a celebration of a plant-based lifestyle. But Nov. 1 is extra special because it’s World Vegan Day and kicks off World Vegan Month!

Is there anything "super" about lab-grown super meat?

‘Super meat’ is anything but super

There’s an effort underway based on mass producing lab-grown, cultured meat that is being presented as a viable, ethi

The veggie burger's ascent: Momofuku includes vegan "Impossible Burger" on menu

This summer W Magazine’s article “With the Launch of the Impossible Burger, Veggie Burgers Are Officially In,” the pop culture magazine declared that we are now in the “era of eating vegan.” Why? Because David Chang added an animal-free patty to his menu at Momofuku Nishi in New York.

NY Times article neglects to make connection between animal agriculture and climate change

A front page article in the New York Times on Sep. 8 titled “Terrifying Path of Climate Crisis Weighs on Obama” details the President’s concerns about the alarming threat that climate change poses to the world and highlights how we are already feeling the disastrous consequences.

Tennis Star, Novak Djokovic, Opens Vegan Restaurant in Monte Carlo

We have a huge cheer today for the number one tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, who recently debuted his vegan restaurant Eqvita in Monte Carlo where he lives!

Toronto animal activist to begin trial for giving pigs water on slaughter truck on hot day

The hashtag #StandWithAnita has emerged this week as the trial of animal rights activist Anita Krajnc began in an Ontario court.

According to the Washington Post, on a hot day in June las