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VegNews Magazine Gives Shout-Out to Lee Hall's Latest Book, On Their Own Terms.

By Dustin Garrett Rhodes

The April issue of VegNews magazine, which has the giant 99 on the cover (indicating 99 things a vegan should have on her or his bucket list), features a flattering shout-out to Lee Hall's newest book, On Their Own Terms: Bringing Animal-Rights Philosophy Down to Earth. VegNews says:

How to Say No to Chemical Soup:

For Immediate Release: 12 May 2010
Contact: Parker Lewis in San Francisco or Dustin Rhodes in Washington, DC;
Phone: 925.451.3866

Friends of Animals to the President's Cancer Panel

World Vegan Bakesale Day- A Fundraiser in Victoria

My teeth ached just looking at it: nearly 20 local supporters provided a plethora of goodies; some gluten and wheat-free, some raw, and all vegan, for a fundraiser for Friends of Animals to print more of our Vegan Starter Guides for local distribution.

Talking About What Vegan Means

Friends of Animals' New Website Blends Values & Verve

Darien, Conn. and Victoria, BC - Friends of Animals staffers in the U.S. and Canada are ready to announce their lively new online venue, bringing together the vegan community and people everywhere who wish to explore vegan living and ideas.

Test Tube Meat? Thank You, We'll Pass.

So now an advocacy group announces they'd present a million bucks to someone who invents animal flesh in a test tube.

Just as bizarrely, our great media outlets are actually giving this announcement attention.

Truth be told, the media have a penchant for bestowing attention on any animal activists who do or say something they think their viewers will find weird.

And in vitro meat sure fits the weird bill.

Bitten Back: Readers' Thoughts on the Best Cookbooks

The New York Times By Mark Bittman When I asked readers to tell me what cookbooks deserved to be included on an updated "50 Cookbooks I Can't Live Without" list, I anticipated a lot of input, and I got it. (And fortunately a former intern, Suzanne Lenzer, helped me sift through the comments.) Click here to see them, and the original post, too. The commenters gave me insight into how people are cooking, and what kind of books they are using for guidance, and enjoyment.

Interview with a Vegan

by Bob Orabona

Q. First, what is veganism?

A. Not using animals -"“ any part of them -- as food, clothing or medicine, in experimentation or entertainment, not using them in any way for human benefit.

Q. What do you eat then?

A. Mostly good home-cooked food, with the occasional restaurant meal "“ all made only from plants. It's often a challenge to eat vegan in a non-vegetarian restaurant. Sometimes the wait staff does not understand that milk and cheese, or even chicken and fish are not vegetables.