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Vancouver Video Game Company Glorifies Illegal Cockfighting

Sleeping Dogs, a violent video game from Vancouver-based United Front Games features an "Achievement" in the game whereby the player bets on a cockfight.

Cockfighting is illegal in Canada and the US, and it's a vile, demoralizing gambling spectacle outlawed in many other countries. Cockfighting is a dreadful experience for roosters, as they're forced to attack each other until one dies, often with blades attached to their legs, resulting in mutilations.

New Jersey Alert Legislative Alert for Deer & Forests

New Jersey's deer and state forests are in peril due to two pieces of legislation currently pending in the New Jersey Senate & Assembly. Your prompt calls are needed to protect both the deer and their habitat, the forest, from this grotesque legislative attack led by New Jersey Senator Bob Smith (D-17).

751 Geese Slaughtered in Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge-Ordered by Senator Gillibrand

For Immediate Release

Contact: Edita Birnkrant, NY Director, Friends of Animals 917.940.2725;

New Yorkers Protest at Gillibrand's Office Door, July 17

When: Tuesday, July 17, 12:30pm-1:30pm

Where: 780 3rd Avenue, between 49th & 49th Streets-Senator Gillibrand's Office

New Yorkers Rally at Mayor Bloomberg's Mansion to Save Canada Geese in City Parks

Canada Goose

As Goose Slaughter Looms, Advocates Demand Protection for Urban Wildlife

When: Wednesday, June 27 2012, 6-8pm

Where: Mayor Bloomberg's Mansion: 17 East 79th Street, between Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue

Contact: Edita Birnkrant, NY Director, Friends of Animals 917.940.2725; EMAIL

NYS Alert: Call Your State Senator

Thanks to Your Calls, the NYS Assembly Passed A3431D, Banning Devocalization, 95-2!!

But You Now Need to Fight Harder Than Ever. Lobbies That Profit From This Cruelty Have Mobilized to Kill Senate Bill S6167C Because BOTH Bills Must Pass As Written by June 21 to Put an Enforceable Devocalization Ban on the Books in New York State.

Call Your NYS Assemblymember Immediately

Please act and get the word out today. Make the calls.  The Proposed NYS Devocalization Ban is Now On The Verge of a Vote By the Full Assembly. Call Your Assemblymember Immediately To Ensure It Gets One -- And Passes AS WRITTEN. If Amended, It Could Enable This Cruel Mutilation! Stella Didn't Deserve This. No Animal Does. Thanks to your calls, A3431D, prohibiting devocalization of dogs and cats, is just a step away from a vote by the full Assembly.

Please call your Senators today to OPPOSE the Rotten Egg Bill (S. 3239)

Dear Friends,

Millions of laying hens need your help right now. The egg industry is pushing federal legislation that would keep hens suffering in cages - and would outlaw the banning of egg factory cages nationwide.

We need your help today to ensure this does not happen.

A critical Senate vote could be held at any moment to decide whether Senator Dianne Feinstein's Egg Products Inspection Act Amendments (S. 3239) will be inserted into this year's Farm Bill. If allowed, this Rotten Egg Bill would be one dangerous step closer to becoming law.

Next step to end devocalization of dogs/cats in NYS--please act now!

Time's Running Out to Protect NYS Dogs & Cats From Vocal Cord Mutilation.

Meet Lola & Porter: Both of These Dogs Were Devocalized & Dumped.

Urge the NYS Senate Agriculture Committee to Release the Devocalization Ban--and Prevent This Cruelty--NOW

Call May 21-24

Make sure other animal lovers do too by posting this link to your Facebook page.

Don't Let Lawmakers Devocalize YOU!

Stand Firm for Animals' Voices...and Lives.


VIDEO LINK: Real stories, Real victims

Your calls asking lawmakers to ban devocalization of dogs and cats in New York State are getting their attention. BUT"¦this humane legislation has far to go before the 2011-12 session ends in six weeks.

Protect the Wyoming Wolf

Image courtesy U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Submit your comments to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ON OR BEFORE May 16

Urge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to KEEP Wyoming wolves under the federal protection of the Endangered Species Act. Please see sample comments below.