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Take Action to Stop Mamaroneck, NY Goose Slaughter


Contact: Edita Birnkrant, NY Director

Mamaroneck, NY Set to Slaughter Canada Geese in Parks
Calls to Mayor Norm Rosenblum Needed to Stop the Killing

Friends of Animals Presses Scarsdale Officials

To Kill Its Horrid Scheme to Hammer Geese

New York-The town of Scarsdale, NY announced it's hiring USDA agents next summer to extinguish the few Canada geese who reside at the pond near Scarsdale's library, and Friends of Animals, an animal advocacy group founded in 1957, is intervening to defend the native geese.

Edita Birnkrant, NY Director of Friends of Animals says, "Canada geese, a bird native to North America, should live free of harassment and harm in Scarsdale, and throughout its range."

Tell Tufts-Cummings Veterinary School: Declawing is Mutilation, Stop Justifying It

The December issue of the Tufts-Cummings Veterinary School's Catnip newsletter featured an article entitled "Curb Destructive Scratching" which includes an irresponsible sidebar section on declawing entitled "The Declawing Option: What You Should Know," which outrageously serves to legitimize and justify cat declawing in certain circumstances.


Vegetarian Times - December 2012

From VT's Annual Charity Guide

by Aurelia d'Andrea


What: Whether working to protect endangered species from canned hunts (in which animals are kept in confined areas) or facilitate low-cost spay/neuter procedures for cats and dogs, Friends of Animals has been at the forefront of animal advocacy since 1957.

Collared Female Alpha Wolf in Lamar Canyon Group Shot & Killed

Buffer Zone Around Yellowstone Park Needed to Stop Wolf Slaughter

A collared female alpha wolf, named "06," and part of the famous tourist-drawing Lamar Canyon wolf group in Yellowstone National Park was shot and killed by a Wyoming hunter on December 7th, 2012.

Friends of Animals Calls for Boycott Until Basso Ditches the Real Fur

QVC's Star Faux-Fur Designer Dennis Basso Profits from Massive Animal Exploitation through His Multinational Fur Empire

NYC Wildlife Being Injured and Killed

The October 18th Metro newspaper reports an alarming number of Canada geese and other wildlife being injured and killed by unknown persons with blow guns in a New York City Park in the Bronx. Park officials report that "hunting" the animals in parks with blow guns by members of the public is becoming more popular.

Breaking News: Seal Pups in Quebec Aquarium Safe from Slaughter

Aquarium des ÃŽles plans to release two seal pups at sea in response to public outrage at impending kill

After public outcry in response to Friends of Animals' September 14th action alert urging the public to demand that the Aquarium des ÃŽles in Quebec, Canada, stop its senseless plan to slaughter two seal pups, Zak and Mika, whom they'd captured last spring, the Aquarium has released a statement today.

Action Needed RIGHT NOW to Stop the Execution of Two Seal Pups in Quebec on Saturday

An aquatic zoo in Quebec, Canada, the Aquarium des ÃŽles, captured two seal pups last spring, knowing full-well that they wouldn't be released, planning to simply kill the pups at the end of their season when they closed - which is tomorrow: Saturday, September 15th.

Calls are needed IMMEDIATELY: (418) 937-2277

Please tell them they need to do whatever they can to save the seals, either rehabilitated to be released, or sent to a marine animal sanctuary.