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Cheers and Jeers: Week of January 13, 2014

Jeers to the Dallas Safari Club for auctioning off a black rhino hunting permit in Namibia for $350,000. The Safari Club claims the auction was done in the name of conservation to actually save the threatened black rhinoceros.  

Leave Wild Horses Untouched

Did you know that every year the federal government uses low flying helicopters to stampede thousands of wild horses into pens and clear them off public lands so that ranchers can turn a profit?

Public Forum on New York Animal Protection Issues with Senator Tony Avella

Join us on January 17th at a Public Forum hosted by New York State Senator Tony Avella to address animal protection issues in the state of New York.

The Public Forum will be an opportunity to hear from animal protection advocates, including a testimony by our New York Director, and the public about the many ways we are failing to protect animals in this state and to discuss real solutions that will result in actual changes that impact these animals’ lives.

The floor will be open to the public after the animal advocacy groups have spoken, as time permits.

Boycott the NY Boat Show & Protest Alligator Abuse

Friends of Animals is calling for a boycott of the New York Boat Show, held at the Jacob Javits Center from Jan. 1 -5, as it is including the grotesque “Swampmaster Gator Show” and exhibit in its lineup this year and passing it off as educational. 

There are six performances scheduled, and baby alligators are also being exploited—promotional materials advertise that attendees can have their pictures taken holding the babies.

Chimpanzee Exploited in "The Wolf of Wall Street"

Did you know that the movie The Wolf of Wall Street forced a chimpanzee to “act,” which can cause severe psychological damage?

Cheers and Jeers: 11/18

Cheers to the Rainforest Action Network for its efforts to remove conflict palm oil from America’s snack foods.

Deer Hunt Allowed in Devil's Den Nature Preserve

by Nicole Rivard

Did you know that The Nature Conservancy is allowing deer to be hunted at Devil’s Den nature preserve in Redding and Weston?

The Nature Conservancy calls itself a science-based organization concerned with protecting plants and animals but there doesn’t seem to be anything scientific about its upcoming limited deer hunt (Nov. 20-Dec. 10) at Devil’s Den nature preserve. 

Anti-fur demonstration at The Fur Source of NY

Please join Friends of Animals on Sunday, Nov. 10 from 1pm-3pm  as we join forces with Caring Activists Against Fur (CAAF) for a lively demonstration in front of one of New York City’s most hideous furriers—The Fur Source of NY located at 3 West 57th Street, which sells every kind of fur product imaginable.  

Save the Ballona Wetlands

ALERT:  We are asking you to please add your signature to the petition below to stop The Annenberg Foundation from destroying the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve - more than 600 acres of land on the coast of Los Angeles that were already saved once from a massive development proposal.