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FoA Applauds Another Victory for Mute Swans


Mute swans have not yet won the war waged against them by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, but they have won another battle.

Help Pass NY Senate Bill to Save Mute Swans


Help Pass NY Senate Bill to Save Mute Swans

Make Phone Calls Today to Protect NY’s Swans

Say No to Bow Hunting for Deer on Sundays

Property owners in areas of the state that the Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection claims are overpopulated by deer would be permitted to hunt the animals with bows under legislation approved by the House last week. To reach the governor’s desk, the legislation will need to be approved by the Senate before the session ends Wednesday.

Say No to Bow Hunting for Deer on Sundays

Did you know that the General Assembly in Connecticut is again considering a bill to allow Sunday bow hunting on private lands to reduce the state’s deer population, especially in southwestern Connecticut?

Friends of Animals is opposed to controlling free-living animals through hunting or birth control. The Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection’s idea of deer overpopulation is not based on science—it is propaganda from an agency that is wedded to every licensed hunter who is their client. 

FoA leads battle to end animal killing contests in New York; war is not over

By Nicole Rivard

Holley, N.Y., sent a message to protesters Saturday during its Fire Department’s annual “Squirrel Slam,” a fundraiser that rewards adults and children for killing the heaviest squirrels. “This is our town, you can’t change us,” read a sign held by a hunting supporter.

Stop Mute Swan Slaughter in NY

Update: You can listen to our New York Director, Edita Birnkrant, on BBC World Review at the 35:15 mark, opposite a Cornell Professor of Wildlife Conservation who supports the heinous plan to kill all wild mute swans in NY State. Birnkrant defends the swans and advocates fiercely against the plan.

Audubon Betrays Swans

The mute swan was named by the United States government as the International Symbol of Peace in the 1970s. Now they have come to symbolize the war on wildlife that the government is waging and that Audubon NY condones. 

Protect Alligators. Don't "Handle" Them.

Did you know that during alligator shows, gators are roughly treated and intentionally provoked so they will demonstrate behaviors for entertainment?

Friends of Animals is calling for a boycott of the Los Angeles Boat Show, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from Feb. 6-9, as long as it includes The Swampmaster Gator Show and exhibit in its lineup this year. Video of past shows depict alligators prodded with sticks, jumped on, dragged, thrown around and beat on in a shallow pool.

Deadly "Squirrel Slam" is Nuts

Did you know that the village of Holley, N.Y. is preparing for another bloodbath on Feb. 22, the day it plans to host its annual "Squirrel Slam"?

Cheers and Jeers: Week of January 13, 2014

Jeers to the Dallas Safari Club for auctioning off a black rhino hunting permit in Namibia for $350,000. The Safari Club claims the auction was done in the name of conservation to actually save the threatened black rhinoceros.