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Hunting & Wildlife Management

'Friends of Animals' latest to criticize deer cull at Vassar College

Mid-Hudson News Network
Poughkeepsie "“ Animal rights group Friends of Animals Wednesday blasted Vassar College for its deer cull.

Group New York Director Edita Birnkrant called the decision to shoot the deer herd "ludicrous" and said it goes against the grain of what the school stands for.

Time for a Cease-Fire

Another Look at "Sustainable" Animal Farming

Smeared with animal fat and loaded with poison, an M-44 is a tiny land mine. The sodium cyanide-filled lure is one weapon of choice for Wildlife Services-a U.S. government agency deployed to battle predator animals around farms.

Firing a gun an act of terror

The Connecticut Post

Letter to the Editor

Published December 18, 2012

Thank you for your Dec. 16th editorial, "Gun Violence is our Choice," which emphasizes that "Doing nothing is not a solution."

Costa Rica bans hunting as a sport

The biodiverse nation, with 25% of its land protected as reserves, becomes first Latin American country to ban hunting, Tuesday 11 December 2012

Costa Rica on Monday became the first Latin American country to ban hunting as a sport, after an unanimous and final vote from Congress.

JEERS for Mitt Romney

In FoA's Summer 2007 Act'ionLine magazine, we JEERED Mitt Romney (as a hopeful presidential contender for 2008) for posing to the press as a hunter by reminiscing about killing rabbits with a semiautomatic and "knocking down" quail at a Georgia hunting ranch. Romney shot quail at the fenced estate with wealthy donors to the Republican Governors Association. Romney's VP hopeful this year posed with the deer he shot to death with arrows. What a team. This is personal maturity? It's the NRA.

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Beautiful Female Wolf Lured from Safety of Sanctuary by Fake Recording of Pup Distress Calls


First victim wolf of Wyoming's 2012 hunt "“lured out of the protection of Yellowstone with a recording of a wolf pup in distress. Shot and killed for following her instincts to rescue a pup. How low can you go?

Thanks Stan Castagno for stealing a magnificent wolf from 300,000,000 of us who were promised wildlife safety in National Parks.

Why the Beaver Should Thank the Wolf

The New York Times -- Op-Ed

San Francisco

THIS month, a group of environmental nonprofits said they would challenge the federal government's removal of Endangered Species Act protections for wolves in Wyoming. Since there are only about 328 wolves in a state with a historic blood thirst for the hides of these top predators, the nonprofits are probably right that lacking protection, Wyoming wolves are toast.

The war on wolves

September 23, 2012

Chicago Tribune Editorial

Lengthen the distance from endangered species to Ready, Aim, Fire.

New Jersey Alert Legislative Alert for Deer & Forests

New Jersey's deer and state forests are in peril due to two pieces of legislation currently pending in the New Jersey Senate & Assembly. Your prompt calls are needed to protect both the deer and their habitat, the forest, from this grotesque legislative attack led by New Jersey Senator Bob Smith (D-17).