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Mini-documentary slams Holley squirrel slam

The Daily News

By Scott DeSmit

An animal rights group has released a mini-documentary detailing efforts to stop a squirrel-hunting contest in the village of Holley earlier this year.

Friends of Animals last week released the six minute, 41-second video showing "the horrifying behavior of the Squirrel Slam hunters and supporters," said FOA president Edita Birnkrant.

Birnkrant said the video is part of the group's ongoing effort to ban all animal-killing contests.

Squirrel Slam Video

This squirrel hunt is an annual fundraiser for the Fire Department of Holley NY. It is the 7th Annual Squirrel Slam and occurred on February 16, 2013. However, in actuality, this is a mass squirrel-killing contest in which children & adults are awarded cash & gun prizes for killing the heaviest squirrels. Friends of Animals and its supporters were there to protest the event.

Ducks & Geese To Be Shot & Killed at Pequannock Valley Park, NJ

Please Attend Township Council Meeting, April 23, 7:30pm to
Voice Your Opposition Calls & Emails Also Needed

Pequannock Township, in Morris Country, New Jersey is planning to shoot and kill ducks and geese at 27 acre Pequannock Valley Park, a swimming lake with a beach area that is open to the public, and the adjacent 40 acre Woodland Lake, home to many species of birds, waterfowl and other wildlife.

2013 New York State Lobby Day for Animals

Tuesday, May 7- Roundtrip Bus Reserved

Ban Shooting Contests -- Prohibit Devocalization -- Prohibit Horse-Drawn Carriages in NYC

New York residents are invited to join Friends of Animals and League of Humane Voters on May 7th for NY State Lobby Day in Albany as we meet with NY Senators and Assembly Members in the Capitol to educate and urge passage of three critically important animal protection bills currently pending in the New York State Legislature.

Stop the unjustified killing and hunting of Montana's wolves. Use science!

Petition "Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks; Governor Bullock of Montana

Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now?

Here's why it's important:

Mamaroneck village backs off plan to kill geese--Emails & calls still needed

The efforts of Friends of Animals and other local groups and residents have led the Mamaroneck Board of Trustees to back off from their plans to slaughter Canada Geese this summer, and from their signed contract with the USDA, as the article below details.

Please contact each member of the Mamaroneck Board of Trustees below and urge them to commit to habitat/landscape modification as outlined in Friends of Animals' Canada Goose Habitat Modification Manual in addition to instituting a formal clean-up plan for goose droppings in parks.

Proposed bear-hunt bill goes to hearing

Danbury News Times

Robert Miller

Priscilla Feral, the president of Friends of Animals, said Thursday that her group doesn't believe the
bill has a "snowball's chance in hell'' of passing. But, she said, Friends of Animals will watch the proposed legislation's progress and lobby against it, if needed.