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Hunting & Wildlife Management

Patrolling a NYC Bird “Refuge” to Protect Canada Geese

Patrolling a NYC Bird "Refuge" to Protect Canada Geese from Killer USDA Agents


Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, the only one of its kind in New York City, can no longer be called a “refuge.” 

Say NO to Hunting Crow


Did you know crows are migratory songbirds subject to the protection of various international treaties and conventions? They are regarded as intelligent, highly evolved, vocal birds, who feed on fruit, seeds, insects and are quick to seize an unexpected food sources. 


Protest to Save Wild Turkeys

On August 12 & 13, the USDA Wildlife Services Division made an unannounced roundup of wild turkeys at the South Beach Psychiatric Center in Staten Island NY.  The permits to roundup the birds for slaughter were issued by the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation.  About 50 members of the public who learned about the roundup were there to protest.

Friends of Animals issued the following condemnation:

Mini-documentary slams Holley squirrel slam

The Daily News

By Scott DeSmit

An animal rights group has released a mini-documentary detailing efforts to stop a squirrel-hunting contest in the village of Holley earlier this year.

Friends of Animals last week released the six minute, 41-second video showing "the horrifying behavior of the Squirrel Slam hunters and supporters," said FOA president Edita Birnkrant.

Birnkrant said the video is part of the group's ongoing effort to ban all animal-killing contests.