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Hunting & Wildlife Management

Stop a Kentucky Church from Hosting a Squirrel Killing Competition

Did you know that New Harmony Missionary Baptist Church in Benton, Kentucky, is slated to host a disgraceful squirrel killing contest Jan. 9? And the reward for the person who kills the most squirrels is a rifle. Friends of Animals needs your help getting this squirrel slaughter stopped. Please contact the church (270.527.

Bear in CT acts “too friendly”...gets death sentence from wildlife officials

It seems like Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is itching for bear-hunting season to begin. The department announced over the weekend their intentions to kill a wild black bear they believe has become “too friendly” with hikers. 

Cheers and Jeers

When Walter Palmer announced his intentions to re-open his dental practice in Minnesota yesterday, CNN asked “What will his first day back at work be like?”...personally, we hoped it would be horrendous. And it looks like our wish came true given the presence of protesters, cameras and journalists made sure his day at the office was anything but business as usual as he returned to work today.  

Cecil 'Hunt' Like Calling Prostitution a Date

Cecil 'Hunt' Like Calling Prostitution a Date

Nick Jans / USA TODAY / August 9, 2015

We’ve already made the transition into a pay-per-kill experience.

FoA joins forces to file suit to protect Mexican gray wolves in New Mexico and Arizona

A coalition of local, regional and national conservation watchdog groups including Friends of Animals (FoA) filed suit today to ensure the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) adopts policies that give endangered Mexican gray wolves a fair shot at recovery in their historic U.S. range. 

Say No to Sunday Bow-Hunting For Deer

Friends of Animals (FoA) needs your help to stop a bill that would allow deer hunting on Sundays in Connecticut from being passed in the Senate. Current law prohibits Sunday hunting. Please contact Senate President Martin Looney using this form or call his office at 860-240-8614, and also contact your state Senators, and tell them not to support the bill.