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Hunting & Wildlife Management

South Carolina Proposes State-Funded Coyote Bounty Hunt

As if animal killing contests weren’t awful enough, there’s something particularly disturbing about a bounty hunt championed by a state’s legislative body.

CT Bear Bill Could Be First Step Towards Re-Introducing Statewide Hunt

We have growing concern over a new bill that was introduced in Connecticut this year involving the population of black bears in the state. On the surface,  HB 5315, seems like a decently acceptable bill as it advocates for punishing landowners who are feeding black bears...but a closer look reveals different motives.

NH Fish and Game approves bobcat hunting, trapping despite public outcry

Completely outrageous. We have a giant #jeer today for NH Fish and Game Commission which voted yesterday to approve a bobcat hunting proposal despite huge public outcry which generated over 5,000 overwhelmingly negative comments, including ones from Friends of Animals and many from our members.

Trophy Hunting is Not a Form of Conservation

It was just a few years ago that Friends of Animals’ public concerns about trophy-hunting being touted as a conservation tool were dismissed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Stop a Kentucky Church from Hosting a Squirrel Killing Competition

Did you know that New Harmony Missionary Baptist Church in Benton, Kentucky, is slated to host a disgraceful squirrel killing contest Jan. 9? And the reward for the person who kills the most squirrels is a rifle. Friends of Animals needs your help getting this squirrel slaughter stopped. Please contact the church (270.527.