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Hunting & Wildlife Management

Trumps Raise Funds with Guns

Friends of Animals is disgusted by the news that known trophy-hunters Donald Jr.

URGENT: Your phone call/handwritten letter could kill the NJ bear hunt once and for all

New Jersey's grisly 2016 bear hunt ended Saturday with a record 636 bears slaughtered—bringing the total number of bears killed since Gov. Chris Christie approved a bear hunt in 2010 to appease his hunting cronies to a tragic 3,017.

You can help stop the NJ black bear hunt

New Jersey has vilified black bears and ignored residents who don’t want black bears baited and hunted since Gov. Chris Christie took office in 2010 and he cashed in on campaign promises to pro-hunting groups like the New Jersey Outdoors Alliance, who rallied for his election.

We need your help to stop Philadelphia’s silent but deadly deer hunt

For the last 17 years, the annual slaughter of deer has been continuing silently by the City of Philadelphia, Friends of the Wissahickon, the Fairmount Park Commission, the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Mayor Jim Kenney and Wildlife Services in several parks within Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park System, but that doesn&rs

Annual Elk Hunt Underway at Grand Teton National Park

We have a huge jeer for the annual elk hunt underway at Grand Teton National Park.