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Hunting & Wildlife Management

CT Bear Bill Could Be First Step Towards Re-Introducing Statewide Hunt

We have growing concern over a new bill that was introduced in Connecticut this year involving the population of black bears in the state. On the surface,  HB 5315, seems like a decently acceptable bill as it advocates for punishing landowners who are feeding black bears...but a closer look reveals different motives.

NH Fish and Game approves bobcat hunting, trapping despite public outcry

Completely outrageous. We have a giant #jeer today for NH Fish and Game Commission which voted yesterday to approve a bobcat hunting proposal despite huge public outcry which generated over 5,000 overwhelmingly negative comments, including ones from Friends of Animals and many from our members.

Trophy Hunting is Not a Form of Conservation

It was just a few years ago that Friends of Animals’ public concerns about trophy-hunting being touted as a conservation tool were dismissed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Stop a Kentucky Church from Hosting a Squirrel Killing Competition

Did you know that New Harmony Missionary Baptist Church in Benton, Kentucky, is slated to host a disgraceful squirrel killing contest Jan. 9? And the reward for the person who kills the most squirrels is a rifle. Friends of Animals needs your help getting this squirrel slaughter stopped. Please contact the church (270.527.

Bear in CT acts “too friendly”...gets death sentence from wildlife officials

It seems like Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is itching for bear-hunting season to begin. The department announced over the weekend their intentions to kill a wild black bear they believe has become “too friendly” with hikers.