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Friends of Animals Challenging Carriage Rides in Wethersfield, Fox and CBS News Report

Wethersfield, Conn. - Friends of Animals' strong objections to the town's plan to provide horse-drawn carriage rides drew statewide television coverage last night. Speaking before the Wethersfield Tourism Commission, Nancy Rice, Outreach Coordinator for Friends of Animals, urged that the exploitative and archaic practice "be left behind in the history books."

Group Looks to Outlaw Horse Carriages

By: JESSE BUCHANAN, Special to the Herald

WETHERSFIELD - To most, a carriage ride is romantic, quaint and relaxing.

To others, it's cruel and exploitative.

The town's plan to provide horse-drawn carriage rides in Old Wethersfield is being opposed by the animal-rights group Friends of Animals, based in Darien.

"This practice attracts tourists but at the expense of living beings," said Joan Lownds, Friends of Animals staff writer. "It's just not necessary."

Boston Herald Covers FoA Horse-Drawn Vehicle Interventions

The Boston Herald, in "Rein Dance: Horse-drawn carriage owners fight push for ban" (Monday, 21 May), reports that Friends of Animals, in addition to working to abolish horse-drawn carriage tours of New York, "will crack the whip on Boston" next.

"These are two international cities that will get along just fine without carriage rides," said Edita Birnkrant, New York City campaign coordinator for Connecticut-based Friends of Animals.

The article continues:

A Life and Death Without Dignity-NYC Advocates Seek Ban on Horse Carriages

A Coalition including Friends of Animals, and other groups whose goal is to enact a ban on horse-drawn carriages, once again urges Mayor Bloomberg and the NYC Council to pass legislation to end the exploitative carriage horse industry.

We ask the public to boycott carriage horses until they are officially disallowed.

Horse Advocates Seek Carriage Ban

For Immediate Release
Contact: Edita Birnkrant, Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages
Tel: 917. 940.2725

Calling for Decency and Public Safety, Horse Advocates Seek Carriage Ban

NEW YORK, NY - A coalition including Friends of Animals and others striving to ban horse-drawn carriages once again urges Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Council to pass legislation that would end the dangerous carriage horse industry in New York City.

New Anti-Slaughter Amendment: What Does It Mean for Horses?

By Laurel Lundstrom

UPDATE (February 07, 2006):

Despite a measure passed by Congress late last year (see below) to prohibit taxpayer money from funding the federal inspection of live horses for slaughter, the practice of slaughtering horses for human consumption will continue unabated in the United States.

One Step at a Time: Defending Horses and Burros Living on Public Lands

The U.S. Senate passed an amendment on Tuesday, voting 68-29 to prohibit the use of federal funds to kill horses for food exports. **Many thanks to our concerned visitors and members who insisted that the senators take this action.**

Friends of Animals will continue to keep the pressure on, mindful that slaughter is not the only danger that wild horses and burros face in their rugged western territory. As long as ranchers continue to usurp land for animal agribusiness, mustangs, burros, and other free-living animals need tireless support, and we plan to provide it.

Free-Living Horses - - They Are Real, Not Relics

They have been called symbols. They have been called icons. If they die, some, say, it wipes out a bit of U.S. history. But the free-living horses struggling to survive in undeveloped pockets across the United States are not icons, any more than you or I are. They are flesh and blood, with parents, with children, with mates. And their lives, freedom, and futures are constantly at risk.

Mass Removal of Wild Horses

Darien, Conn. -- Despite a brief, six-week moratorium on wild horse and burro roundups following the death of 41 wild horses at a slaughterhouse in Illinois, on 1 June 2005 the government resumed capturing and removing these animals from public land.

While the government continues to appease ranchers by confiscating horses and burros to make room for an ever-burgeoning cattle industry, Friends of Animals calls for the end of the roundups that strip horses and burros of their ability to live unmolested on public land.

Support Free-Living Horses

Horse Advocates Demand an End to Capture and Slaughter

Darien, Connecticut — In the past two weeks, 41 wild horses have been slaughtered under a new law that makes it easier to round up older horses and kill them.