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Horse Carriages

Terrifying Midtown Carriage Horse Accident

Friends of Animals Decries Industry as “hell on earth for horses,” Renews Call for Ban

Utah Carriage-Horse Alert

Open Letter to Salt Lake City Mayor Becker and City Council:

Release Carriage Horses From A Life of Misery

August 28, 2013,


Dear Mayor Becker and City Council,

Friends of Animals, a non-profit advocacy organization founded in 1957, with many thousands of supporters, strongly urges you to ban horse-drawn carriages in Salt Lake City.

The Carriage Horse Debate

The Dark Horse in the New York Mayoral Race

San Antonio Carriage Horses

KSAT TV Aug 01 2013

City Council passes horse carriage, taxi ordinance

Pressing for Ban of Cruel Carriage Horse Trade

San Antonio Activists to Speak Out at August 1st City Council Meeting -- Pressing for Ban of Cruel Carriage Horse Trade 

When: Thursday, August 1st, 8:30 press statements. 9:00 inside Council meeting

An End to Horse Breeding?

April 15, 2013

As published in the NY Times

An End to Horse Breeding?

To the Editor:

Commendably, "A New Destination for Status-Symbol Horses in Spain: The Abattoir" (Chapineri­a Journal, April 11) makes the case for an end to horse breeding, which creates a path to the slaughterhouse. Why, after all, should human beings assign other animals worth or worthlessness?

2013 New York State Lobby Day for Animals

Tuesday, May 7- Roundtrip Bus Reserved

Ban Shooting Contests -- Prohibit Devocalization -- Prohibit Horse-Drawn Carriages in NYC

New York residents are invited to join Friends of Animals and League of Humane Voters on May 7th for NY State Lobby Day in Albany as we meet with NY Senators and Assembly Members in the Capitol to educate and urge passage of three critically important animal protection bills currently pending in the New York State Legislature.

Carriage Horse Accident Injures Three Near Central Park New York

August 16, 2012 | By Nikhita Venugopal, Aidan Gardiner, Leslie Albrecht

Read more:

UPPER WEST SIDE - A spooked carriage horse suffered minor injuries after colliding with a car near Central Park on Thursday afternoon, police and fire officials said.