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Horse Carriages

Why Should You Support a Ban on Horse-Drawn Carriages?

Mayor Bill De Blasio has pledged to ban the dangerous, cruel horse-drawn carriage industry in New York City. Friends of Animals is pressing New York City Council members to support and pass a bill that would get the long-suffering horses off the streets and into waiting sanctuaries.  Why?


1. It Is an Exploitative Industry

Trial of Carriage-Horse Abuser Postponed

Trial of Carriage-Horse Abuser Postponed

Friends of Animals' Campaigns Director Edita Birnkrant was at the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse today for the court hearing of Saverio Colarusso, the carriage horse driver charged with animal cruelty in December of 2013 after allegedly forcing a horse named Blondie to work despite a painful leg infection.

Freedom for NYC's Carriage Horses

Demand City Council Ban Cruel Carriage Horse Industry

Mayor de Blasio Says He’ll Fulfill Horse Carriage Promise

Bill de Blasio Says He’ll Fulfill Horse Carriage and Living Wage Promises

From the New York Observer. By Jillian Jorgensen | 07/08/14 2:40pm

"When it comes to his promises to ban horse carriages and expand the city’s living wage law, Mayor Bill de Blasio says he’s working on it.

Ban NYC's Carriage Horse Industry Now

Does a person or horse have to be killed before Mayor Bill De Blasio and City Council members pass legislation to ban horse-drawn carriages in NYC?

Councilman Rodriguez: ‘Being progressive in NYC means protecting our horses’

By Nicole Rivard

“Stuff happens,” said Christina Hansen, a NYC carriage driver, describing an accident that happened April 24 that left Spartacus, a NYC carriage horse for eight years, lying in the road across from the Plaza Hotel. 

FoA's Carriage-Horse Opposition Efforts in the Media

  • May 2, 2014: "Horse-Drawn Carriage Protesters Allege Horse Was Mistreated" on NY News1--"And we want to know, where is Caesar?" said Edina Birnkrant of Friends of Animals. "This 22-year-old horse in ill health that he lied and worked when he shouldn't have been working, and now he's disappeared."

Alternative to horse-drawn carriages unveiled at NYC Auto Show

by Nicole Rivard

The debate that’s raging over the use of horse-drawn carriages on New York City’s streets—Mayor Bill De Blasio has pledged to ban the industry, an initiative Friends of Animals supports—even created a buzz at the New York Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Center on Thursday.