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Horse Carriages

"Homes for Horses" FoA's Letter to the Editor of NY Daily News

Stable Existence

Manhattan: Voicer Alison Clarke bizarrely denies that Intro 573 would prevent horses from being sold to slaughterhouses once the carriage horse industry is banned. I can only assume she hasn’t read the bill. There are wonderful sanctuary homes waiting for each carriage horse that needs placement. Edita Birnkrant

FoA rallies in NYC to support introduction of carriage horse ban legislation

FoA rallies in NYC to support introduction of carriage horse ban legislation

By Nicole Rivard


The nose to tailpipe lifestyle suffered by carriage horses in New York City is poised to come to an end thanks to an historic bill—#573—introduced today (Dec.8,2014) by New York City Council members.

NYC Carriage-Horse Ban Legislation Introduced

Friends of Animals releases statement on soon-to-be released carriage horse ban bill 

“Friends of Animals is immensely gratified that Mayor De Blasio has produced a carriage horse ban bill that will be officially introduced into the New York City Council in a matter of days,” said Edita Birnkrant, Friends of Animals’ campaign director.  

"Protesters Decry Models on Horse Carriages"

FoA, NYCLASS and other activists participated in a successful protest Wednesday night against cruel designer, Vincent de Souza’s pathetic attempt to make an abusive, corrupt industry seem glamorous. Despite attempts by the carriage-horse drivers and event organizers to keep protesters away by delaying the show, activists remained determined and were able to follow the procession of models in horse-carriages throughout the park.